So last night I got back from New York and i went to finish my photo shoot for a magazine. I saw his parents good thing it wasnt him.

I didnt have a normal sit talk with my parents so ya.

Today is my first day at the famous colt high and being a model will be weird.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom and did my morning routine.

I put my dark brown hair with natural black highlights in  wavy curls. And put minimal make up than i do in photo shots. I picked my outfit which is silver pumps with high waisted denim shorts and a lacy crop top that kinda shows my belly button peircing.

I headed down stairs and found my parents sitting on the the kitchen stool where the counter is drinking coffee.

“ hey dad mom” i greeted and smiled then kissed them on the cheek.

“ good morning honey “ my mom smile

i headed over to the fridge and grabbed my smoothie my mother made for me every morning when im at home.

we talked about my career and their job till i finished breakfast.

“ mom dad im heading to school now cya late” i waved off and walked over to my baby meaning my car. Me and linda shipped my camaro from new york to hawaii because i didnt want to buy a new car.

I got in and drove off to my new school.

The drive was 20 minutes long since i live at a beach house.

I parked at a empty spot grabbed my bag then walked in the building.

I had my sunglasses on so no one would recognise me yet.

i walked down the halls and went to the front office.

“ hi im Katerina Clark and im new here” i smiled to the lady then took off my sunglasses.

“ oh. my. god the famous model” she squiled like a little girl she looks like she is in her mid twenties.

“ ya its me so ummm miss can i pls have my schedule?” i asked politely

she opened her cabinet and grabbed my schedule and what not.

“ there you go and do you mind taking a picture with me” she smile and i shook my head she pulled her iphone and snapped a photo of us and i did the same thing.

I gathered everything and said bye to the secretary and made my way to find my locker.

As i walked thru the halls i heard things such as

‘its the famous model’

‘oh my god she is fucking hot’

‘i want to be her’

and all those at least there are no bad comments.

I explored the halls to find my locker until i found locker 121

I stuffed my things in there and headed to English.

I asked some people where the english classroom is people were shocked someone like me talking to them.

I walked and found the english room i know i was 5 minutes late so when i went thru the doors they all looked at me i eyed the whole class room and there i found Daniel Reid.

“ class we have a new student you might know her tho” the teacher chuckled and motioned me to go to the front he

looked about 22-25 he is young.

“ hello my name is mr. Sanders welcome to english pls introduce yourself to those who dont know you and tell us more about your self than we know”

“ hi im Katrina Clark for those who dont know im a model ive been one since i was in the 6th grade i moved here from new york yesterday” i smiled at the whole class and pretending i dont know daniel.

“ok class since we have nothing to do lets take this time to get to know katrina” Mr. Sanders smiled.

“ pls call me Kat” i advised

Mr Sanders told the class to at least ask me one question.

first girl raised her hand.

“ hi kat my name is sandy and why did you choose to come back to hawaii rather than stay in new york?”

“ hey sandy well to answer your question i wanted to finish my senior year her in hawaii and i brought work here so its a good change and i miss it here i mean a lot of things happened before i left”  i wanst lying at all i will get my revenge daniel and you will not fool me again. I smirked at my thought

then the second guy raised his hand and asked.

“ when was the last time you had a boyfriend?”

oh no daniel is in the room but i cant lie ill just be honest and make daniel feel uncomfortable

“ in the 6th grade” i answered blunty

another guy out up his hands and asked

“ why so long?”

“ because  love is nothing to me they just hurt you” right now im being real honest

then another guy raised his hand and asked the question i dont want to answer

“ dont you think your scared to fall inlove?”

“ to be honest lad i dont know i mean the 6th grade was like a long long time ago and i might be a pre-teen but i dont know” i answered with memoris flooding my mind and tears fighting to fall but i couldnt.

Then there was more question about my modelling thank god.

Everyone asked a question except for daniel.

A few moments later he raised his hands and asked.

“ if you broke up with him on the 6th grade why didnt you ever go out with anyone?

Are you scared? Why did you turn cold? and why do you hate love or falling inlove?”

wow those were not one question but ill be honest with him

“ i dont know if im scare he was my first love he made me feel the worst heart break.

i didnt date because i had a career at a young age

i didnt turn cold and you wouldnt know

and last i hate falling inlove because it just hurts you love hurts you badly because you fall inlove with the wrong person then at the end the will just hurt you and pretend nothing ever happened they pretend that your invisible” i spat at him not caring anymore.

There was an akward silent then thank god the bell rang.

I rushed out of the classroom and headed to my next class i was about to go in to the room when 1 pair of hands grabbed my by the waist pushing me to the wall roughly i was gonna make and escape but im trapped i dont even know who this guy is so i looked and saw….. DANIEL…….

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