Chapter 5: The Council

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Nina's Point Of View--------------------

We woke up early today, well technically I wouldn't say I woke up seeing how I don't actually fall asleep I spent the whole night thinking and worrying. I didn't get a minutes rest.

Willa woke us up by screaming at us saying that we needed to get up and start getting ready. Ready for what? you might ask well so do I. All I keep getting back is we will explain late or just in case or for emergencies. I'm tired of being in the dark about everything that is going on right now. Especially because being by myself, in the dark seems like a pretty horrible place to be right now.

By getting ready Willa meant learning and teaching each other how to do some spells. So that's where I am right now with Willa trying to learning to control my power. Let's just say I am no worse than I was before but I'm not any better either and having Willa as my teacher isn't helping.

"For the hundreds time just imagine the knife hitting it not going through it. Can u do that simple task sweetie?" She says in a sarcastic sweet girl voice.

"That's what I have been doing this whole time honey" I say back in the same tone she used on me.

"Why do just try relaxing, breath In and out and repeat" she says for like the thousandth time.

"Wow why i think of that before?" I say in a dumb girls voice.

"Probably because thinking requires some brain cells which is something you lack" Willa says in the same tone I used on her.

"Okayyyy, I think it's time for a break how about we eat, rest a bit and then continue" Angie says sensing that if Willa and I continued it would end with them having to break up a fight and not a fight with the people chasing us.

Angie pulls Willa's wrist to get her to move, at the same time Luca grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me out of the cave. Confused I dig my heels into the ground so he can't move me.

"Come on now is not the time to be stubborn, keep walking. We have to get out of here fast" he says continuing pulling me thought the forest. I yank my wrist out of his grip.

"What? No!" I say

"What do you mean by no? Do you actually believe then? I mean they could be tricking us. Like a prank or revenge or something after all it's not like we were saints to them" he says

"I believe them more than I did before" I answer honestly.

"Well I don't trust them for a second there is something off about this whole thing and them" he says clutching his fist causing his knuckles to turn white.

"I get what your saying but for some reason I really want to listen and believe them" I say.

"What are talking about listen they aren't tell us anything!?! We are leaving tonight while they are sleeping" He says suddenly becoming really mad. I take hold of his arm and look into his eyes.

"Hey relax, calm down" I say and start feeling him relax.

"We'll tell them to answer our questions or we walk, then we will talk and if you still want us to leave then we will go. How does that sound?" I ask him still looking at his eyes.

"Yeah your right lets do that" he says and giving him a quick kiss.

We walk about into the cave to see Angie and Chris taking out the rest of the food from yesterday. In other words crackers and chips, such a nice meal.

After about 5 mins of eating the chips with no talking at all the only noise was the crunching of the chips. The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with scissors.

"What are we getting ready for? Who is after us? What do they want? And why do we do magic?" I blurt out in all one breath.

"We said we would explain later" Willa says

"Well it's later so explain, we have a right to know" Luca says getting upset

"He is right they do. The people who are chasing us are from a group called the Council they are a large group of the most powerful stronger and eldest wizards and witches in the whole world. Their job is to make sure all the wizards and witches stay in line and don't break any of their rules. They are the reason everyone thinks that wizards and witches are just in fictional stories. They make our laws that keep it that way. That's why they need to monitor cameras around the world so they can punish those who use their magic out in the open. We don't know why they are after us or why they want is die. And magic is genetic it's passed down my your parents well at least most of the time. There are some rare cases where it skips a generation. you have it because you parents do. in the council their is a small group of people who are the leader of them, the commeete Why other questions"

I shake my head still in a daze trying to capture all the words he just threw at us and swallow them.

"In the council there is the leader Jonathan who is called the elder, the lieutenant who is the second in command and then the members" Willa says elaborating even more to Chris's answer.

"What do they have to do with the disappearances and accidents that have been happening?" I asked remembering her comment from earlier.

"They are behind them for some reason. We don't know why If we knew why we would tell you." Chris says ending the conversation.

We spend the rest of the day in the woods and tomorrow we leave to the cabins that the plan. They want to take the chance that the Council is looking for us around these parts. Plus we figured it was better if we just stayed today and just rest up and learn more about out powers.

"Ok well I'm going to go get a breath of fresh air this cave is stuffy" Sophie says walking out the cave while Chris and Willa are helping Will and I to get our magic under control and not let our emotions control it.

"I still can't get it" I say throwing my hands up in frustration.

"I'm a lost cause, I can't control my power for my life. Whenever I try to I either end up using too much of it or not using any of it." I says and sits down on the floor.

"Come on you know what they say practice makes perfect" Chris says trying to get me to try again.

"Yeah when it comes to baseball or lacrosse or something like that, but this is different. Why can't I get it? You and Chris and Willa make it seem so easy." I say.

"That's because Ang and I have a pull she have a ring that is from her mom and I has a bracelet from my parents before they...... Well before the car accident" Willa says looking down.

"Yeah and I have this watch" Chris says.

"How does that help?" Lucy asks confused.

"I relaxes me it reminds me of people I love and care about so I can control by power. Like for me my bracelet remind me of my parents and for Ang the ring reminds her of her parents and sister." Willa says.

"For me the watch reminds me of my dad" Chris says

"We need to find you something to help you relax and reminds you of someone you care about and love" Willa says while Will walks up to me and hands me his champion ring.

"Thanks" i say and gives him a kiss.

I see Chris get up and leave the caving screaming

"Ok let's try again. On the count of three say ignis" Willa say and moves me in front of the fire wood.



As she starts to say 3 a loud high pitch ear drum breaking scream fills our ears

We all turn to each other and say


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