Chapter 3

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*that night*

"Hey Andrea!" Luke yells from his locker. "Hey Luke. You actually remembered my name." "How couldn't I. Look at you how could someone not remember your name." I laughed "Thanks." I was blushing by then. "I know this is bad. Because I've only known you for like 24 hours. But what are you doing later. In a friendly way." "I guess I'm hanging out with you." He laughs. "See ya in 2nd period." He hugs me.  He hugged me.  WOAH. "See ya then." I say

"Jenn!!! Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn here now. Now now!!!"

"Oh no D.A.P???"

"No... Luke wants me to come over later!!!!"

"What!!!! That's awesome are y'all  ya know.."

"No. Were just gonna hang as friends."

"Mmhm. Like that's gonna happen."

"It will!"

"What's up with you and Ashton?"

"Nothing really. He accidentally called me beautiful yesterday."

"Omg what???!"

"Yeah. I just laughed and said thanks."

"Cool. Let's go ta class." knock knock knock*

"Hey Andrea! I didn't think you would come."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well because you gorgeous and I'm. Me."

"Might have to tweak that a little bit. Its more like your gorgeous and I'm me"

"Andrea. Don't play with me." He says laughing

"Come on!" He laughs and grabs my hand and pulls me inside.

"So Andrea. Tell me about yourself."

"Um. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is a penguin. And yeah. I'm boring." I say laughing

"No. No no no.  We like the exact same things."

"Oh really??!! Were connected..." I say laughing

"Yeah. We are." He says winking.

"Damn your beautiful."

"Damn your hot."

"No I'm not"

"Really. You have a lip piercing. Your hair is perfect. You eyes are perfect. Your perfect."

"That's what I thought when I met you. Andrea?"




"Do you want to. Umm"

"Say it!"

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