Chapter 13: The Storm

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Chapter 13: The Storm

The rest of the day went by as a blur, before anyone knew it was dark out. Each of them worked their way back to the house to find Mrs. Cassie with dinner prepared.

The kitchen table was set and already had corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. Mrs. Cassie was busy running back and forth in the kitchen preparing breadcrumb crusted chicken. Conrad and Derek came in together and after asking if they could help, they sat down at the table. Tessa and Carter walked in and sat down at the table as the other boys were filling their plates.

Mr. John came in and walked over to his beautiful wife. "Hello honey, how was your day?" He asked and kissed her on the cheek while hugging her around the back. This action made Carter smile as he thought it was nice seeing his parents showing their affection towards each other.

"I'm fine, haven't sat down all day though. Except of course for lunch, now go sit down and start wasting you must be hungry," Mrs. Cassie said. She lifted the pan out of the oven and brought it over to the table. She set it down and they all began eating. Easy conversation flowed throughout dinner and the night went by quickly.

The rest of the week up till Friday around mid day went by in the same fashion.


Friday 12:00-

For Tessa this morning had passed similar to all the others this week had. Her and Carter mowed all the fields every other day, they finished plowing the far field and the closer field that needed to be plowed as well. And yesterday they began working on a new project, collecting the ripe crops. These would be their usual jobs this summer that they work on together. Even though Tessa wasn't fond of it she learned that she was pretty good at most of their chores and that it was not that bad.

It was Friday already and as Mr. John had announced this morning at breakfast they would be taking the rest of the day of after lunch. So at lunch that day they were all filled with excitement. Conrad was going on and on, how this was going to be the best party ever. "So Derek talked to everyone cool enough in town that deserved to come." This comment earned a glare from Mrs. Cassie, but Conrad decided to ignore it. "I'm was thinking that we would have the party outside so all the younger people, no offense Mr. and Mrs. Castin, will have to help set everything up. We have a lot to do before everyone gets here at seven so we will start right after lunch. Oh Tessa you don't have to help because this party is for you and you are a girl so, you can just get ready." Conrad blushed slightly at the last part.

Tessa agreed and was not offended at all, actually she was thrilled at getting the rest of the day to herself. Although she was getting used to "the boys", as she calls them she still wants some alone time, which she has not been getting much of lately. As everyone started clearing the table, even Tessa Mrs. Tessa pulled her aside. "Sweetie, I haven't gotten to talk to you lately and I was wondering if you would let me help you get ready?"

Tessa smiled sickly sweetly, and coating her voice with fake niceness replied, "Oh I would love for you to help me. It would be so great to have some girl time." Tessa clearly did not forget what this woman did to her and caused her parents to lie. She was just happy she could finally let Mrs. Cassie know how upset she really was. With everyone else busy with setting up this was the perfect time to do so without causing too much drama with everyone.

She found surprisingly that she liked and got along well with the rest of the family, even Carter. At first they didn't like one another but with having to work side by side they earned each other's respect. Although they didn't like it slowly over the weeks they had shared a bond. A bond that began when he discovered her deepest fear. Though he had yet to figure out the reason darkness affected her the way it does, but not for lack of trying. He continues to bug her about the reason, however she is tight lipped.

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