Chapter 10

I was sitting watching Dylan practice when a familiar car pulled up, a girl got out and started waving frantically. That girl was my worst nightmare. It was three years ago when she decided to make my life a living hell, by telling Dylan (who at that point I only knew as kyle's best friend) that I was in love with him and that I wanted to marry him. Yes I thought he was hot but that was all I thought about him.

"Well well if it isn't little tom-boy, how are you? I see you are stalking Dylan still, when will you take a hint?" She laughed. She was a skinny, short girl with beach blonde hair. All the guys wanted to get with her. She was your typical "it girl".

"No I'm not stalking him, I am here helping him with his practice." I smiled.

"And let me guess you had to beg him to let you come, cause well you know the only reason people ever hung out with you was because they felt sorry for you." At this point Dylan rode over and stopped beside me.

"What is going on here?" He look at me, than at Rachel (oh yea her name is Rachel).  

"Oh, you know just two old friends having a talk." She smiled. "BUT I AM SO GLAD I GOT TO SEE YOU AND SAY THAT I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU AGREED TO GET BACK WITH ME." She said in a really high pitched voice. 

"Umm you guys are together?" I looked at Dylan.

"Umm, I don't believe that we talked about this since you left." He looked at me.

"I better go, you guys seems to need to work some things out. I will talk to you later Dylan." I turned and walked over to my truck.

"Wait, Cole please..." I didn't let him finish, I didn't want to know what was going on, I didn't want to hear his explanation.  I just can't believe that I thought he could actully have feelings for me.

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