Humming bird heart beat

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Chapter 1

It was so loud and I still couldn't believe it. I've waited for so long and now I'm finally here dancing with my heart pounding and my head dripping with sweat. Then she looked at me and smiled. Katy Perry staring straight at me. I could have died. Me and Holly my best friend love Katy Perry so much its unbelievable. You can't see the wallpaper anymore in our rooms because its suffocated in posters. Holly was screaming. We waited so long for this night and it soon will be over, just one more song.

"So you wanna play with magic" her last song. I started screaming it. I felt so hot it was like an oven. Millions of sweaty screaming people pushing, screaming and shouting. I started to feel dizzy. I thought nothing on it and kept dancing. I was so happy to be here but it was almost ending. Someone barged in to me making me a bit wobbly. I fell. My head. First....

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