Chapter 1

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"You're so lucky!" I read once again, scrolling through my mentions on Instagram. Tired of seeing this same statement over and over again, I close the app and look up at the TV. Hollyoaks.

To my right is my little sister, her eyes glued to the screen of her iPod as she sits there, smiling her head off. I wonder who has shipped her with Leo this time. "Chloe, the meet and greet is tomorrow!" I say, hoping to get a reaction... I'm bored out of my mind,

"I know... Do you think BAM will be there?" She asks, her eyes full of hope.

"No... I mean I'm not sure but I don't think so." I watch as her face drops and she goes back to looking at the screen.

"But hey, we get to meet Overload again! Don't you want a picture with Jordi...?" I ask playfully, knowing she has a soft spot for the blonde Essex boy.

"Well yeah... But I'm so short!" She half laughs, half says sadly. She doesn't get it. Being short and cute will get her more attention...

"For the last time, that really doesn't matter!" I respond.

"Fine. I just really wish that BAM were going." She sighs for the thousandth time.

"So do I..." I don't really know what else to say so I just unlock my phone and open Instagram once again. I swear it's like an addiction.

11 likes, 1 follow and 1 comment. The comments are usually the most interesting I find. "You're so pretty!" This one reads. I quickly reply with a "thank you so much!" I want to add "I wish Overload and Harvey could see that" but I stop myself. It just looks selfish.

Thankfully there are no more comments saying how lucky I am. I know it's really selfish of me, and I mentally curse myself every single time I think this but, I don't ever feel very lucky.

Yes I have met Overload, BAM, and Harvey quite a few times but I can't help but be cynical about the whole thing... Whilst it means everything to me, it means absolutely nothing to them. I will remember these amazing days for the rest of my life but they see them as just another day in the job. All I have ever wanted is to mean something to them...

But they don't even remember my name.

See, told you it's selfish. And I can't tell anyone this because they will hate me...

I quickly upload a new picture of Jordi, with the caption "so excited to see you tomorrow!" Every single time I post a picture of him, I always have a small bit of hope that he might comment... It's silly really, because then I remember that he only comments when I am not expecting it, when the thought hasn't even crossed my mind.

"Right, I'm going to bed." I say, lifting myself up from the sofa and beginning to lean over to kiss Chloe goodnight.

"Night!" She exclaims, allowing me to kiss her on the cheek.

"Night." I reply, leaving the room to find my parents.

Walking into my brothers room, I find both my parents with him, chatting about plans for tomorrow. "I'm going to bed." I announce, walking towards them.

"Okay, is everything sorted for tomorrow?" My mum asks, sitting on the end of my brothers bed.

"Yep, Amelia and Megan are meeting us here at 11 and we're gonna get the bus down to the tube and then the tube to Leicester Square."

"Great! Goodnight then, sleep well!" She says, wrapping her arms around me, engulfing me in a very tight hug.

"Okay, okay! Ouch." I croak, attempting to push her off me.

Finally she lets me go and I walk over to my dad to give him a hug.

"Goodnight Bella Bee." He smiles, hugging me as well, thankfully not as tight as mum. Bella Bee is his nick name for me since my full name is Isabella Bailey.

"Night dad." I say into his chest, before quickly kissing my brother on the cheek and making my way towards my bedroom.


Thank you so much for reading this fanfic :)) I know this is a really short chapter but I promise I'll make the next one longer!! For those of you who know me from Instagram... YOU ARE AMAZING AND ILYSM 😘😘😘 Please vote and even comment what you think so far! I love you all xx

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