Chapter 1: Starbucks

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Chapter 1: Starbucks- It was just a normal day in New Jersey and I was just a normal senior at Ridge High School or so I thought. People viewed me as Mr. Popular and hottest-guy-in-school. Some people would do anything to be me but me? No, I wish I could just be that quiet normal person everyone left alone to explore their imagination. My name is Keith Jayden. I have short messy dirty blonde hair and shining blue eyes. I parked my Mercedes in the parking lot and walked up to Ridge High school. The moment my feet hit the side walk people surrounded around me. I let out a deep breath and put on a smile. Girls pushed people out of the way dying to talk to me. I smiled and flirted with each girl. The guys asked me about dating tips and sports.

First of all, I don't even have a girlfriend and second I played baseball but that's it. Finally, I spotted Wright. Wright has been my best friend since birth and understood what I was going through. I shouted above the thousand voices,

"Got to go."

I ran over to Wright relieved to be out of that mess. Wright had brown hair and dark deep green eyes. He smiled and looked to both of my sides,

"Did you bring a lady for me?"

I said sarcastically,

"Yah she's right here in my backpack."

Wright's eyes lit up,


I shook my head and muttered,

"Sometimes I swear you're the blond."

He smiled wider,

"Haha whatever."

I said,

"Why don't you go mess with your girlfriend instead of a poor innocent girl."

He shrugged,

"No girl is innocent. Plus, I was thinking of breaking it to her."

I slapped him on the back,

"Good luck with that. She will most likely beat the crap out of you with her high heels."

The bell interrupted Wright. I hurried inside to my locker. Fortunately, Wright's locker was just across from mine. As I was putting books and journals in my bind I glanced over at Wright. Ally had her arms wrapped around his neck and lips locked with his. I gulped and couldn't wait for her to let go. What felt like a hour later they quit kissing and held hands. Her curly long blond hair flowed down to her waist and her pink lipstick looked smeared. She wore a crop pink shirt and a short white skirt with hot pink glossy 3 inch heels. When she caught my eye she glared and pressed her body closer to Wright. I zipped my backpack and battled with the crowd to his locker. I gave him a sympathetic smile then turned to Miss Drama Queen. Ally had her hands on her hips and said in her high pitched annoying voice,

"Hello, gay boy."

She thought I was jealous of her relationship with Wright. Actually no. She thought everyone was jealous of her relationship with Wright. I groaned in frustration,

"I'm not gay or jealous."

I have literally told her this a million times. Ally smacked her lips and flipped her hair,


Wright let go of her hand,

"See you later, babe."

She kissed him on the cheek and strutted away. Wright and I walked to class silent. I walked through the wooden dorm frame and shoved myself in my seat. The teacher went on and on about whatever she was talking about. I day dreamed staring at the classroom ceiling. She snapped her fingers and looked at me. I returned to reality and said,

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