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"Hey Em?" Amy said. "You okay?"

When we got out of the taxi I ran up to my room and cried.

"Mhm." I said wiping my tears.

"It'll get better. I'll sleep here with you and Jacob can sleep with Chris."

I nodded.

My make up is probably all ruin and I look terrible.

"Here, let's go re-do your make up." She said grabbing my make up bag.

We fixed up my make up and Amy let me borrow some of her clothes.

"Okay it's barley 5:30 let's go to a book store." She said grabbing my hand.

"Okay." I said grabbing my wallet.

"No put that back, I'm going to pay for what ever you want," she said swatting my hand.

I put it down and left the room. I saw Eric and Danny playing video games.

I smiled.


When we got to the bookstore, I took off trying the find The Fault in Our Stars. Amy went to go find a book called Wonder.

As I went from aisle through aisle, I bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry." I mumbled.

"It's cool." I looked up to see a handsome boy.

"The names Alex. How bout you cutie?"

"Emma." I said.

He looked about 6'1 his hair was dark brown and it reached his eyes. He was wearing a shirt that had the band Nirvana on it and he had Dark kaki pants with black converse.


"Here's my number. Hopefully you use it." He took out a pen and wrote his number on my arm. "And is this the book you are looking for?" He asked.

I blushed but nodded.

"Here you go. Bye cutie." He winked and left.

I stood their watching him walk away.

Creep. I know.

"Emma?" Amy's voice made me jump. "Did you find the book you were looking for?"

"Yeah let's go." I said coming back into reality.


As we where paying I couldn't help but think about the guy I ran into. I'm running in to a lot of guys nowadays.

Heh. Alex.

"What?" Amy said.

Did I just say that out loud?

"Yeah you did. Who is this Alex?" She gave me a smirk.

"A cute guy I ran into. I got his number." I smiled.

"Are you going to call him or what?" She asked.

"I'll text him when we go back." I promised.


When we got back, I rushed to my room.

"Em." Jacob said.

I rolled my eyes. "What."

"Im sorry." He looked down at his shoes.

"Well it's gonna take a while to get me to trust you."

"I know. What I did was wrong and I'm sorry. All I'm asking is that can we still be friends?"

Excuse me?

"That will probably take longer. Sorry but we can't be friends. Not now." I said putting my index finger on the middle of my forehead and my thumb on my temple.

"Why?" He said trying to grab my hand.

"I think you know why." Annoyance clear in my vocie.

"I'm sorry." He sniffled.

"No. Don't you dare cry. You shouldn't be the one crying. I should."

"You won't get it." He whispered.

"Really? You're acting like a girl."

"And your not?" His voice a little louder.

"Em?" Amy shouted. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Just putting down my book. Be down there in a minute." I yelled back.

"Okay." She said.

"Ugh I'm leaving bye Jacob."

He sighed, "bye."

"Oh and your sleeping with Chris." I said right before I closed the door.

I ran down the stairs and hugged Amy.

"Thanks." I whispered to her.

"Your welcome." She said.

I went into the living room.

Eric and Danny are still playing.

"Can I play?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." Eric said without looking away from the game.

I sat in between them. We were playing Left 4 dead.

"Aye Em Tank coming up." Eric said.

"I got it." I said.

We all attacked the tank.

Time passed at it was 10:17.

"Em let's go to bed I'm tried." Amy said.

"Okay. Hey guys I'm out. Tomorrow?" I said.

"Nah we are going to go try and pick up some cuties." Danny said.

I giggled. "Whatever."

As we got upstairs, I opened the door and I was happy not to see Jacob.

"I'm going to change. Be right back." I said pointing towards the bathroom.

Amy nodded.

I got into the bathroom took off all my makeup and changed into some jp shorts and a tank top.

I got out of the bathroom and got into bed.

Tomorrow should be better. I thought as I wrapped my self into a taco.

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