Humming whilst skipping, I felt myself collide into a very hard wall.

'Ouch!' It said.

Looking up I felt myself locked in to the most beautiful green eyes ever. Apologising to the curly haired boy, I walked past him. I felt something grab my hand, a sensation travelled through my body.

'Wait!' Shouted Curly.

'Yes?' I question.

'Hello, my name is Harry, Harry Styles', Cur-Harry smiled cheekily.

I smiled back...

Wait, Where did I see that cheeky smile before?

~ End of recap~

'Ummm, Yello my name is Mackenzie, Mack for short.' I held my hand out for him to shake.

'Do I recognise you from somewhere?' I added, curiously.

'Me? What? Ppfhh! No!' He stuttered nervously as if he was hiding something.....

'Oh, ok just so you know that if I die of a exploded bladder, your paying for my funeral!' I stated, trying to hold back laughter.

' O sorry, is it ok if, well..' He tried to say but was failing. Terribly.

'Yeah?' I asked confused, then I realised. He wants my number!

'Here you go! Dont be so nervous, I feel like a monster!' I laughed but still as serious.

' Your beautiful' He muttered, staring into my blue orbs...

'Thank you! Ok I really gotta go! Call me maybe?' I said, hugging him. Well what can I say? Im a hugger or is it huggie? Eh oh well.

'Bye!' He waved.

Harrys P.O.V

YaY!!! I got her number! Woot Woot.

Yeah, yeah i know what you are going to say, 'Harry you have only known her for two minutes, how could you already like her?'

Well my friend thats a question only love could answer.

As i walked back to the boys they all looked up.

'Harry? What happened? I havent seen you this happy, since you-know-who'. Boo-Louis Said, trying to not say her name.

You see two months ago, i met a girl online, she was beautiful and i 'loved' her but then one month after texting non-stop, she told me that it was a dare and apparently her bestfriends dared her to make 'the' Harry Styles fall for her and guess what? It worked.

'Haz???'Niall Shouted, waving his sticky hand in my face, it smelled of peri-peri chicken, yum.

'Is it a girl?' Zayn asked being the wisest and all.

'Ummm, yeah?' I answered, putting my hand through my hair.


Diva, i thought.

Gotta go after him then.

Zayns POV

 As Louis ran away, Harry looked at us assuming we would do something but it WAS Louis, shrugging he ran after him.

Perfect Larry Stylinson moment there, i thought.

'So guys, Harry might finnally end his player reign, what do you think?' I said, curious.

'I for one, am really happy for him,he finnally might get his princess.' Said Liam being the Daddy Directioner he is.

'Me too' Said Niall, well spat.

RING RING Oh it must be Perrie.

'One sec guys' I said, walking away.


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