1. Only The Beginning

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[This story will be always in Louis' point of view ,but if something changes I will inform you]

The first week of school was a complete disaster. Harry got sick the second day and didn't come at all at school the rest of the week and Dan had to leave for a business trip, which only meant one thing: no one could protect me from Zayn. Well, Niall could, but never tried. That's how today was Sunday and I had ended up in the hospital. The black swollen eye, the broken nose and a few scratches on my eyebrow were nothing compared to my broken ribs and right leg. Zayn had found me alone at the park in Wednesday's evening after school and had beated the shit out of me , because for once I had stood up for myself.


I was sitting in the park near to my house reading and enjoying the peaceful silence when suddenly I felt to strong hands wrap around my arm pulling me to stand. Zayn.

"What are you doing , Zayn? Let me go.." I whispered, too afraid of raising my voice.

"Do I have to? " He smirked and I felt tears prickle my eyes.

"P-please.." I stuttered.

"You have to die, Lewis. I despise you. I don't even want to live in the same planet with you." He said and his fist connected with my nose and then my eye.

"Why do you do that to me,Zayn? I haven't done anything to you to 'despise' me like you always say. I can easily call the police and tell them what you are doing to me but I never do it because you never hit me so much. So why now? I hate you so much , you know that?" The only response I received was his huge palm colliding with my right cheek.

"Zayn!" I screamed , but he continued. He dropped me down to the grass and started kicking me hard. My eyes were slowly closing and unconsciousness was taking over my body. The last thing I heard was him shouting the same phrase again and again , 'I despise you'. What hurt me the most was that Niall was watching all of these and didn't even move his finger to help me.

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