Chapter Three

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Monday 12th July


Let us rewind to what happened before I ran into Tyler.

I hate algebra.

Enough said.

I hated math.

I hated school.

I hated life. Definitely enough said.

I sighed at the piece of paper in front of me. 2X squared minus 6X plus 4. How is that fair?

I hated how in algebra, and only algebra, numbers and letters somehow managed to mean the same thing.

Personally, I believe that letters should be kept in English and numbers should stay in maths.

That would make things easier for everyone.

My head hit my wooden desk with a thunk.

Christine was on the other side of the room (probably painting her nails to be a vibrant shade of orange or blue) and Kyoko was too busy flirting quietly with her boyfriend, who coincidentally happened to sit right next to her.

In other words, my two best friends had left me to suffer by myself a horrifying algebra lesson.

"Miss Landers."

I whipped my head off the desk too face the teacher. Everyone in the class was staring in my direction, obviously amused that I wasn't paying attention.

"Since you are so eager to participate in my lessons, I assume you know the answer to this equation."

I knew I had always disliked my maths teacher.

Now I hated him.

I ignored the heat rising to my cheeks as every eye in the classroom focused on me. I coughed nervously before scratching my ear awkwardly.

"x is equal to 25." My teacher shook his head and I heard sniggers from the back row.

"Uhm...35?" I suggested nervously with a laugh but from the expression on Mr. Gutton's face, I had the feeling I wasn't right.

He sighed and opened his mouth to speak but was conveniently cut off by the bell. I grabbed my bag as fast as I could and raced out of the room without waiting for my friends to catch up.

Although maybe running wasn't the best idea.

Maybe if I walked I wouldn't have run straight into Tyler Lafucci.

...I blame the teacher.

~The girl at the top is Kyoko :P I love that name so much and I have a huge infatuation with Japan. My godmother used to live there and said she would take me :D Sayonara x

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