2. The flight

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"How could he do that to me?" I asked, "Sweetheart, you're only 13,.all this heart break is bound to happen to you" my Mum said rubbing my back. I pulled my head up from the pillow and jump in my mums arms. Whenever I hugged my Mum I had this feeling that I'm safe, no will hurt me and she'll be there for me.

"Your flight leaves tomorrow at 5am, you haven't packed anything." She smiled. I stood up and my mum  left the room leaving me alone to sort my own stuff,


I turned around and my brother was there, I ran up to him and just gave him the biggest hug ever. My brother doesn't really live with us anymore he's made his choices of living with his fiance despite the fact his only 18.

"What you doing here?" I said with biggest smile on my face, I haven't seen Nathan ever since he left mostly because of family drama our dad saying that he made the biggest mistake of his life. Ever since my dad is on his business trip my Mum will be left at home on her own

"I'm looking after mum, How long u staying in Indiana? "

"5weeks" I replied putting clothes in my suitcase.

*Next day*

today was the day that I fly to Indiana.

"Shit!!" I whispered it was 3:45am and I had to be in the airport atleast an hour early for the flight. Which was fine because we only lived 30minutes away from the airport.

"You got your passport? your suitcase, your..... "

"Mum I got everything, I'll be fine." I said to her she was pretty worried about me. *already on the plane* Finally. I get to get out of England. No more cold weather and no more drama. I sat by the window and watched the sun rise. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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