Chapter 2

As the sun sets over Greece, the stores close and the tour conclude. Psyche is in the kitchen busy washing the dishes, while music blasts through her earphones. On the side, Psyche can see some places more plates down. She takes her earphones out and smiles. “How was the tour?”

“Beautiful, the best was Zeus’ Temple. Not too far away there is a garden with the most beautiful roses. Oh, you have to go there, you have not lived until you’ve smelt those roses.” Agnes starts helping Psyche dry the dishes, as she listens to the stories. “I’m glad you’re getting out. Since your parents death you’ve been far too introverted. Isn’t it nicer to see the world in real life instead of on your computer screen?”

Agnes smears a bit of soap foam on Psyche’s nose. Psyche gasps and grabs a handful of foam and chases after her aunt, but as Psyche goes around the corner after Agnes, the foam comes face to face with her uncle. Collin starts laughing and tries to blow the foam off his face. “Sorry Uncle.”

“Don’t be love. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Agnes laugh so much.” Agnes wipes off his face with her apron. Collin bends down to Agnes  and kisses her nose. Psyche leans against the door post, and looks at their display of affection dreamily. She lets out a sigh. “May I be excused? I have some things to do.”

“You mean social media?” Psyche pretends to be offended. “What? Me, never. I just have to write a review on my blog about how amazing Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series is so far. Maybe even throw in a spoiler or two.” Agnes gives her a hug. “Alright dear, but not too late.” Collin nods in agreement and winks at Psyche.

Psyche is sitting on her bed, typing on her laptop. The cat next to her stretches out and curls closer to her. “Alright Church, I’ll log off. But you better disappear before Aunt Agnes comes back.” Shutting the laptop, Psyche gets up and stretches. She places her hand in front of a big yawn and gets into bed, putting off the bedside lamp.

The air gently comes in through her window that is slightly left open for Church. Churches ears stand up straight and he lifts his head. Suddenly Church jumps up and flees out the window. Eros is seen standing in the room. He smiles to himself at the cat’s reaction. Fortunately mortals aren’t as sensitive as animals otherwise it wouldn’t matter whether he turns himself invisible or not. But he has to be very vigilant that mortals do not see him. Zeus punishes mortals that look upon the face of gods unless it is planned by the god.

Taking out an arrow as he walks towards the bed, Eros bends down towards Psyche. She is beautiful, far too beautiful for her own good. He stares a moment longer at her. In all his life Eros never met a mortal so captivating. Perfect Cupid ’s bow lips, thick arched eyebrows, with the longest eyelashes. The lushes curls spread on her pillow are soft as he twists a curl around his finger. Her skin looks soft too, peaches and cream, with the rosiest cheeks.

What a shame that she will be sent away, never to be admired. Eros brings the arrow closer to her shoulder, preparing to scratch her. As the bed dips under his weight, Psyche suddenly wakes up, staring right into his eyes, startling him. Looking towards his hand he sees he scratched himself with the arrow. Eros knows she cannot see him, and yet she looks right at him. The longer he looks at her, the harder it is to look away. She lies back down and goes to sleep. Trouble, that is what his love for Psyche would cause. Especially with his mother.      

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