Chapter 1 - Complicated

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The annual Halloween festival was already full of people when I pulled into the parking lot, which wasn't surprising since no one in my small town ever missed it because there were only four festivals held a year. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and the Fourth of July all got their own festivals since every festival needed a theme to it. During the Halloween festival, you could go through a couple different haunted houses, trick or treat by visiting the various vendors all around the park, and other Halloween themed games and rides. The other festivals were about the same, they just each had different things than the other. Like the haunted houses, you only found those at the Halloween festival and Santa was only found at the Christmas festival. The festivals always brought people in from other towns nearby so it was always crowded.

I knew I was going to have a hard time finding a parking spot even if I had decided to come early and my luck of finding an empty spot in the parking lot for the park was very slim, but I wasn't going to let that stop me so I drove around the parking lot until I decided to give up and find a parking spot along the street. Maybe I should have come with one of my brothers, who were already here, but now that I had my own car, I wanted to drive myself everywhere. I liked the freedom that came along with having a driver's license and my own car, which is why I chose not to get a ride with my brothers, but I knew it was going to be hard to find them or any of my friends or my boyfriend.

After what seemed like forever, I finally found a spot to park along the street that was quite far from the biggest park that every festival was held in our town. I knew I had quite a distance to walk just to get to the park, not to mention the distance I would have to walk to find anyone I wanted to hang out with during the time I wanted to stay here. My first choice was my boyfriend since we had agreed to meet each other in front of the main entrance of the park so I headed in that direction, which was probably at least a twenty minute walk or more. I could see the park in the distance, but not the entrance, which means it could take me longer to get there, but I was going to cut that time in half by walking around the park instead through it to get to the entrance. If I walked through the park, then I would have to walk through all the people that had come to the festival.

When I reached the main entrance to the park, I saw that my boyfriend was nowhere in sight, which must mean that he wasn't here yet. I pulled my phone out of the purse I had brought with me to see if Tyler had texted me at all. There was nothing on my screen indicating that he had sent me anything so I dialed his number and then waited for him to pick up his phone as I watched little kids in their costumes pull their parents to walk faster, most likely wanting to get all the good candy before it was gone. I had stopped dressing up in Halloween costumes after I had turned thirteen, but I knew what it was like to feel anxious to get the best candy that the festival has to offer. The thrill of trick or treating eventually wore off though, which is why I no longer wore a costume to the festival.

Tyler didn't answer his phone so I tried calling my best friend, Kate, to see if she was here yet. She was my second choice to hang out with, but she would have been my first if Tyler and I hadn't already made plans. I knew she was already here with her parents since she had sent me a text, letting me know that she was at the festival when I had still been at home gathering my things to get ready to leave. After dialing her number and putting my phone up to my ear, I looked up and noticed a tall blonde man watching me from the other side of the entrance. He smiled at me and I gave him a small smile back not waiting to be rude, but looked away after smiling at him and turned around. I had no idea who he was so he must have come from one of the other towns around mine since I knew most of the people in this town.

My father was one of the lawyers in this town and he was well-known with most of the people in our town. He was often a person's first choice as their lawyer since he won pretty much all of his cases. Dad sometimes brought his clients home for dinner so I got to meet a lot of the people that lived in the same town as us. It probably also helped that when Dad won a big case, the local news talked about it and sometimes they would mention Dad's family. Everybody liked that he was a family man. It was another reason why people choose my father as their lawyer and probably the reason why this man had been watching me.

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