Chapter 17: Date with... Louis 

  All the boys talked me and Bryler into having a huge sleepover in one of the rooms because they missed us so much. Harry really wasn't talking to anyone, but Louis told me that is how he's been this whole time. "Can you come with me for a moment," Louis asked me. I nodded, and followed him. "Why do you want me to come with you," I asked him. "I just need to talk to you about something," He said. He took me outside, by the garden. 

  "Okay so when we first met you, Harry and I both had a crush on you. Harry told me that he really wanted a chance with you, plus you seemed to like him. So i backed off, and let him have a chance. He blew it, so now I am telling you that I want a chance, if you would allow that," He finished, I just smiled. "I've been having these strange feelings about you, so I'll tell you what, I'll give you one chance to take me on a date, just to see what my feelings mean, then we will decide from there, okay," I asked. He nodded and hugged me, "So Dylan will you go on a date with me tomorrow night," He asked me. "Of course I will," I said. We went back inside to join the others. Honestly, I was really exited to find out what kind of feelings I have for Louis. 

  The night went on and it started getting really late, we decided to head off to bed. 

Louis's Pov 

  I woke up before everyone. I had to plan what I was going to do for Dylan. I think i'm just going to do the original, dinner than a movie. Everyone started waking up and we just decided to be lazy and watch movies. I checked the time and it was already 5 pm. "I have to get ready," Dylan said. I smiled, knowing that she was getting ready for me. I decided that I should get up to, because i also had to get ready. I dressed nice, but not fancy. 

       It was now rounding 6 and that's when we were leaving. Dylan finally came down the stairs. I was exited, so exited that my hands were shaking inside my poking. I couldn't focus on anything but Dylan. She was absolutley gorgeous. She intwined our fingers together, and I could see Harry getting angry. 

        We walked out of the door, and I led her to the vehicle. Her hands were shaking too. "Would you like to eat first, or watch a movie," I asked her. "Let's go watch the movie first," She answered. I decided it would be better to go to a drive in instead of the theater. We pulled into the drive in and I paid quickly. I found a good spot that Dylan was happy with. I got out the blankets that i put in the vehicle earlier. I put them on the hood of the car, one underneath. Then one that we could cover up with. She tood off her shoes, and sat on top of the hood and leaned against the windsheild. I went and got snacks for us, and sat on the hood next to her. The movie started, and she just sat there watching it. I couldn't though, I couldn't focus on the movie. I had the most beautiful girl right next to me. 

        The movie ended and I helped her down from the hood. We drove to the restraunt. It wasn't a fancy one, it was nice. I already made reservations for a private room. We were led back. The waiter came back and asked what we wanted to eat and drink. We told him and he took off. "How did Harry take this," She asked. "Not very good, I could tell he was pissed," I told her. "Really," She asked. I nodded. Before she could say anything else the waiter came back with our food. "Do you still love him," I asked the question that has been on my mind all evening. She nodded slowly, "At first I had so much pain and anger that i swore to myself I didn't have any feelings for him, but after this time has passed I've realized I was only hurt, that i do still love him, but i don't know what to do about that." I just looked at her. "Can i kiss you," I asked her. I wanted to kiss her to see what the feelings I am feeling are. She nodded her head, and came closer to me. Our lips touched, there was nothing there. No spark, nothing. It honestly felt like kissing my sister. We pulled apart. "You," we started our sentances at the same time. "You didn't feel anything either," She said. "No, it's like kissing my sister," I said. We hugged.

        "I think you should talk to Harry," I said. All she did was nod. 

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