22. Jinyoungs promise

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So it finally happened, Catherine and Jinyoung got together and were now a couple.

Everyone was happy for them, this had been a long time coming and now it had happened it was the best feeling for them both.

They had gone back into the apartment now and Catherine was cuddled up on Jinyoung as he was playfully kissing her neck.

For the first time in a long time Catherine was smiling and that made Baro happy.

Jinyoung stopped his little kissing game and Catherine laid close to his heartbeat like she did with Baro, and then out of curiosity she asked.

"How did all of this happen?"

Then they all looked at each other and Baro said.

"Well it all started last night."


The day before

After Baro picked Catherine up off the floor after the phonecall about Meredith and put her in bed for a while he had a while to think. Then he went to Jinyoung to talk to him.



"Can we talk?"


Baro sat down he knew what he wanted to say so he just came out and said it.

"I know you have feelings for Catherine."

Jinyoung sighed. He thought this wasn't going to be good at all.

"Don't worry it's not bad, Jinyoung I want you to be with her."

"yo...you do?"

"Of course it should of happened a long time ago but it never did."

"I know but when do I tell her?"

"We'll plan this together, I only want the best for her."

"Thank you."

"Don't worry about it I just want her to be happy with you Jinyoung."

Jinyoung smiled and he and Baro spent the time Catherine was asleep planning how she would find out how Jinyoung feels, Baro saw the book and he said.

"Leave this on her bed later on."


Then they discussed how Jinyoung was to meet her on the roof the next day.

Once the plan was all set in motion they went and told CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan and that they were strictly not allowed to tell Catherine a single word about it, which they all agreed to.


"And then you woke up and came out of your room."

Baro said, Catherine knew what happened next and was glad to know how it was all done.

"We have one more thing for you both."

CNU said himself Gogchan and Sandeul had kept this a secret from them but now it was time to let them know.

"We made lunch for you both, your first meal as a couple."

Gongchan said with the biggest smile on his face Catherine had one too everyone had really pushed the boat out for them and she was so grateful for it.

"Hey what about us?"

Baro asked he was starting to get hungry now they could all hear his belly rumbling fiercely.

And then Sandeul said to him "We are going out for dinner so they will have no disruptions." Baro was happy to go out for lunch and before they all left he hugged Catherine goodbye and he said to her.

"You deserve this my special girl."

She smiled and with that they left to go eat, and then it was just the two of them just Catherine and Jinyoung alone together in the apartment.

They ate the lunch that was made for them, it was so delicious and then afterward they cuddled up on the sofa and fell asleep for a little while.

When they woke up Jinyoung put on a ballad held out his hand and they danced together in the apartment.

"My Precious angel."

He said to her as he pulled her close to him as they danced.

"My love."

She replied resting on him.

"For the rest of my life I promise I will never let you go." Jinyoung said softly to her, Catherine smiled and then they kissed as the song ended. Just as it did the others came back and they all sat down and watched a movie.

Things were finally falling into place for Catherine and she was on cloud 9, she was still aware that Jake was out there but he would of done something by now right? 7 months is a long time to be in hiding.

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