James POV

Emma. That was all I could think about. It's all my fault. I could hear the sirens approaching and all I could do was scream Emma's name with tears streaming down my face. I felt numb and as the paramedics put Emma on the gurney all I could do was stare at where she was laying before. A paramedic walked up to me and asked me what had happened. I explained it all to them and then I was walked over to an ambulance to be checked out. "Ok it looks like all you have is a few bruises, cuts, and two broken ribs but other then that your good." The lady that was cleaning my cuts told me. "Thanks." I said just staring at the ground still in a daze about Emma. They brought me over to where Emma was and I rode with her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, holding her hand the whole way.

I was sitting in the waiting room as Emma was in surgery. Turns out she broke her leg and fractured her wrist. That's all I know of right now. "James Maslow" I heard my name being called. I got out of my seat really quickly and walked over to the doctor. "I'm James Maslow." I said stopping in front of the doctor. "Ah Mr. Maslow, your lucky that you and Miss Rose made it out of that car crash alive." He said looking at some of his papers. "But I'm afraid that there is some bad news concerning your friend." He said looking at me with sorrow. The numb feeling came back and I couldn't breath. "Miss Rose has fallen into a coma and we're afraid we don't know how long she will be in it." He said while giving me a concerning look. "I'm sorry about all this Mr. Maslow, but if you want, you can see her now if you wish." He said walking away. A nurse came by and told which room Emma was in and then I headed off.

When I walked into the room I couldn't believe what I saw. The beautiful, wonderful, filled with life girl I had come to know was laying in a bed in a cast for her leg, a brace on her wrist, and she was so pale. I walked over to her bedside and sat down in the chair. I took her hand in mine and brushed some hair away from her face. "I'm so sorry Emma. It's all my fault that we got in the crash and because of me your in coma." I said looking her over.

It was dead quiet in Emma's room as I put my head on her pillow. All I could hear was the steadiness of her breathing and just thanking God that she's okay. The sound of her breathing lured me to sleep. I woke up a little later to see that Emma had not moved at all since I went to sleep. I sat up and sat on the edge of Emma's bed and just looked at her, not in a creepy stalker way, but a caring gentle way. I lay down next to her and grabbed her hand making small circles with my thumb on the top of her hand. I used to always do this when we younger. We used to live next to each other and whenever Emma had a bad dream she would come over to my house and I would lay with her making circles with my thumb on her hand to comfort her. When we were younger our parents always said that Emma and I would end up together but I never believed them. Now I'm starting to question myself and my feelings that I have for Emma. I just don't want to ruin what Emma and I have because our friendship means so much to me and Emma herself means a lot to me and I can't lose her. Wow I sound like a girl! I looked down at her face and brushed some hair to the side and kissed her forehead. I rested my head again and fell asleep.

Emma's POV

What is going on? I can't move! Why can't I move? I can hear people talking and walking around but I can't open my eyes or move at all. It's so dark and I'm lost and don't know what to do. I hear someone walk over to my bedside and sit down. When the person starts taking I know right away that it's James. I can hear him apologizing to me. I was confused at first at why he was apologizing to me and then it all came back to me. The flash of light. The car flipping over. James screaming my name then darkness. He's blaming it all on himself and he's saying I'm in a coma. So that's why I can't move. I felt James put is head I my pillow and I was getting frustrated because I want to move and talk and just tell him I'm okay.

After awhile I felt James move again and sit down on the bed. The. He was laying down and grabbing my hand and making circles with his thumb on my hand. He doesn't know how comforting that is right now. Im so scared and I just want to move so bad. I feel James brush away some of my hair and kiss my forehead. He rested his head back on my pillow and I heard is breathing even out and it relaxed me even more. I know that James blames this whole thing on himself, which he always does, and I hate that. With James by my side I knew I was safe and it relaxed me even more and I wasn't as scared as I started to slip into more darkness.


First I would like to thank everyone who has read my story, you don't know how much it means to me. In this chapter you learn that James has feelings for Emma but is questioning them. You also get to know what's going on in Emma's mind while she's in a coma. Thanks for reading guys.

Jade :)

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