"Corey?" I seethed through my teeth. He was Hannah's other deadly cousin. I thought he was in France with Mandi.

Harry's POV

I had moved Audrey and I out of the way just before that crazy bastard was about to trample us with his truck. Apparently she must know home because she just said his name...

Audrey's POV

My breath hitched in my throat as Corey leaped out of his truck making his way over to us. Harry suddenly pulled me towards him, protectively wrapping his arm around my waist. As Corey approached us he snickered before saying, "Long time no see, Audie-Bear."

"W-What are you doing here, I thought you left with Mandi....." I choked out uncomfortably.

"I thought you missed me, Charles told me about your little shenanigan Henry." He smirked.

"It's Harry, and I most DEFINITELY do not miss you. You left me for Mandi and you mistreated me and always made me feel bad. Do you think I'd really miss you, that's the total opposite of how I feel. I finally found someone who treats me right and Harry cares for me and he loves me." I shouted, unable to keep calm.

"HA! Yea right, like anyone could ever care for you and put up with your snooty ass." He cackled, venomously.

"Actually, Anyone would be lucky to have this girl that I've fallen in love with, and I actually do care about her because she absolutley means the world to me, and I love her the way she is, she doesn't have to change anything for me, hell if anything she's perfect and deserves much better then me, but thankfully she chooses to stay with me because I know she loves me, now that I have proved my point to you, I suggest you go the duck away if you know what's best for yourself. And I better not EVER catch you bad mouthing her ever again." Harry growled at him. Corey just stood there, with a smug look.

"I'm not going anywhere until my girlfriend comes with me. I looked at him with my horrified expression.

"EXCUSE me, you must be confused to think that I'm your girlfriend! You must have me confused with someone else. YOU abused me, YOU pulled me down, YOU changed me, for all of the wrong reasons. I used to be outgoing, talkative, happy, but YOU changed me. YOU treated me like I was some sock puppet and now because of YOU I'll never be able to be the way I was before. But Harry is my only chance of possibly ever being myself again. So please, just go away and let me be myself for once, and stop screwing up my life. You can go have Mandi for all I care, hell I don't even give a shit anymore, the only people I give a shit is about is Bear and Harry! So you can go and fuck yourself for all I care. Now go the fuck away before I say anything else that I shouldn't, because I'm NOT SCARED of you anymore, the only thing I'm scared of is losing Harry and Bear, because I actually LOVE them, because I actually do have feelings, and I actually CARE about what they think because they are the only ones who actually care for me. I think I've said enough for you to understand that you don't control me anymore, so just go away before I explode again." I breathlessly tell him, making sure he understood every single word that I just told him, because its true he doesn't control me and I have one less problem without him. (Sorry I had to)



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