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Dark turns to light 

Lauren's POV: 

"Lauren when are you going to leave" Camila whines as I put my feet on her as she tries to do homework on her laptop 

"What, you don't like me being here" I smirk and she furrows her eyebrows 

"I'm actually trying to figure out why you are even here" She says putting her laptop on the coffee table 

"Well you were my late night booty cal-" 

"Shut up" She whines trying to push my feet off her 

"Oh come on Camila, lighten up" I say pushing her a bit with my feet 

"I am light" She says matter of factly 

"You probably are, you look like a twig" I say sitting up and poking her ribs that basically stick out 

"No I didn't mean like my weight" She says scooting away from me and I raise my eyebrow and scoot closer to her 

"But still you weigh like two pounds" I say and she rolls her eyes 

"Bullshit" She says grabbing her laptop again and I groan 

"Camila can we do something" I whine taking her laptop from her and setting it on the other side of the couch 

"You can go home and call one of your friends and do something with one of them" She grumbles with a hint of sarcasm in her voice 

"But we are friends" I say the word "friends" stinging my mouth after it leaves 

"Whatever Lauren" She says trying to scoot away again but she's at the end of the couch 

"What, you don't want to be my friend" I ask giving her puppy eyes making her swallow hard as her brown eyes look into mine 

"N-not particularly" She stutters and my heart cracks a bit but I brush it off 

"I said sorry Camz" I say and she bits her lip at the nickname "I mean I made you pancakes for god's sake" 

"I just kinda feel like you feel bad for me and I'm like charity work" She mumbles and I smile

"I guess this would be good charity work" I smirk and she rolls her eyes "Oh come on Camz, you know that i'm not hanging out with you because I feel bad"

"Then why are you hanging out with me" She questions furrowing her eyebrows

"Because I like y- hanging out with you" I say and she raises an eyebrow

Way to fucking go Lauren you almost told her that you liked her, you idiot  

"Oh" Is all she says looking down 

"Camila, can I see your arms" I ask and she sighs

"No" she mumbles and I sigh 

"Why not" I ask resting my leg on hers a jolt of electricity shooting through my body 

"Because I don't h-have to" She squirms and I sigh 

"Can I please just see" I say touching her sleeve and she stands up 

"No Lauren, I haven't cut since the other day when you saw" She says quickly and I raise an eyebrow 

"Then why won't you let me see them" I ask and she looks away and chuckles 

"You probably think i'm such a god damn freak" She chuckles and I stand up 

"No I don't" I say in almost a whisper trying to get her to look at me but she avoids my eyes 

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