Season 2, episode 1: A scandal in Belgravia.

Sherlock and John are just sitting quitely in Buckingham palace, John twiddles his thumbs and Sherlock, has to be the centre of attention as usual and is dressed in some sort of sheet. John looks at Sherlock for a minute.

John: Are you wearing any pants? 

Sherlock: No.

Both burst out laughing chidishly.

John: We're in Buckingham palace. I am seriously finding it hard not to find an ash-tray. What are we doing here? Sherlock, seriously what?

Sherlock: I don't know.

John: Are we here to see the Queen?

Mycroft walks in.

Sherlock: Apparantly yes.

Both start laughing again.

Mycroft: Just for once can you two behave like grown ups?

John: We solve crimes, I blog about it and he forgets his pants, I wouldn't hold out too much hope.


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