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Everyone loves the little yellow bear who has an obsession with honey, right? Well, I don't.

"He was unique." my mother once told me. "And you are too, so that's how you got your name." But, things have changed since then.

Everyone compares me to him, everyone wants me to be just like him instead of being myself. "Why can't you be more friendly, like Pooh?" or "What happened to our little teddy bear?"

You want to know the truth? I'm no Pooh bear, I'm just plain old Winnie.


I am writing this fictional story for my fantabulous best friend, Theresa, whom I'm sharing his account with. I want her to know that she is unique, beautiful, and every single good thing in the book. I LOVE YOU!!! 

For everyone else, I hope you guys are looking forward to reading this! I had such a fun time writing it! Votes, ideas, and comments are very well appreciated! Thank you; and I hope your day is beautiful, just like you! ♥

 @ragingtheseas made the amazing cover!

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