> ashton pov

I send one last text to Lauren asking if Echo has gone over there yet but all I get is a no.

Sighing I send one more text Echo's way before putting my phone down only to pick it back up again to check the time. 8:00pm here in San Francisco means it's only 1:00 in the afternoon in Sydney. Past time for Echo to pick up Lauren and Harry.

Me and the boys are due on stage soon and I still have no word on where Echo is. Also I still haven't gotten my usual good-luck text which Echo has never been late, even with time differences. Worry washes over me, making me shiver.

"Hey, has Echo sent you boys a text yet?" I ask.

"No." Luke answers frowning, he quickly checks his phone.

Michael and Calum each grab their phones and say no as they quickly tap away.

Sitting in worry as five minutes turn to ten and ten minutes to fifteen. We begin rapid firing texts at Echo to no answer. Feeling on edge we all jump when someone comes into our dressing room saying we have ten minutes before we are on stage.

"What could be wrong? She was supposed to go pick up Lauren and Harry today and Lauren says she never came." I fidget with the case on my phone.

"This isn't like her to not send the text by now." Michael says, voice laced with worry. He starts tapping away on his phone again while Luke and Calum just stare at each other. I know we are all thinking the same thing but don't want to say it.

"Okay boys time to go on stage." James, our tour manger, says as he pokes his head in.

We don't move as we look at our phones one last time before we all set them down and drag our feet towards the door. James gives us a weird look but stays silent and opens the door wider for us.

We almost make it out of the door when we hear all four phones buzz at the same time. We turn around scrambling for our phones. I grab mine and open the group message that appears on the screen

from echoecho

to groupchat :


We all look up from our phones and smile.

"You heard her." Calum says with a smile.

"LET'S ROCK SAN FRANCISCO." Michael screams as he bounds out the room.

Luke and Calum laugh as they follow him out, I stay behind to reread the text and smile.


echo pov

I sigh in relief that I manage to send the text right on time before the show. I knew I'd have to make up some bullshit reason as to why I didn't answer any of the hundreds of texts they had sent.

I start to flip through the hundreds of texts I had received from the boys and couldn't help but feel bad, and smile, at the same time.

from lucifer :

Echo? Echo? Echo? You alive? You with some other boys now that we left :-( ? Okay Echo whats wrong? You are scaring us? Echoooo?

from cash money :

Echo what is wrong with you? Do you hate us now? Echo? Helloo? Did we do something wrong? You are scaring Luke now. Echo? You alright?

from hair dye :

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