Chapter Two 26th June 2516

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"Father, but what if she hates me then?" The Prince of Dart replied to his father.

"I have told you, she has to know everything from the beginning until the moment you start your story." The king ordered.


"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" A maid came in calling king Phillip.

The king hushed the Prince with a finger movement.

"Yes Lydia, what is it?" He asked, and then she murmured something to his ear so Chris wouldn't listen.

"All right, tell them I'm coming right away." The king answered and Lydia left. "I'm sorry son, I must go now."

"May I ask what's all this about?" Chris asked.

"I'm afraid it's none of your business, so the answer is no." He said and left Christian alone in the big room.

Chris sighed and asked himself: "Well... What if she hates me after this?

"And how am I supposed to rule if you never tell me a thing about this country?" He leaves the salon and goes to the gardens, where his mother is reading a book with a good cup of tea.

"Hello my boy" She said and smiled to her son when she saw Prince Christian and put the book down.

"Hello Mother" He said with a sad grin. "Beautiful morning, don't you think?"

"Yes, is there anything wrong?" She answered worried.

"No, nothing, just that Father will not tell me anything about what is going on in Dart."

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