Chapter 16

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Trevan POV:

I was chilling in my office smoking while I watch Emily snorting coke. I laughed as she continue. Until Frantz bragged in my office smiling and shyt.

"The fuck you smiling about lil nigguh" I asked him.

"She pregnant" he said.

"Tye?" I asked.

"Yeahh nigguh she has a little baby bump and my bro told me" he said.

"Nigguh he not your bro if you telling my this and you know we beefing" I said.

"Yeahh you right" he said.

"But you know what we have to do right" I smirking at him. And he nodded his head in agreement.

Hopefully I can finish using him and rat him out so Lord do away with him.

Lord POV:

3 weeks later

"You ready boss" Justin said.

"Yeah guys kill everyone in site. iighhtt"

"Iigghtt" everyone said.

I kick the door down and bullets started flying. In less than 5mins everyone in the room was dead. Walked through the whole house and killed everyone in it.

The last room was the the office of the drug dealer name Roc. I kick the door down and killed everybody but him.

The boys and I had him tie up to his chair in less than 10 minutes.

"Imma asked you this once only once......Are you the one that was blackmailing me and my girl?"

"I dont know what the fuck you talking about" he said. I told the barrel of my gun and smacked him.

"Lying Bitch" I said and point my gun in between his eyes and shot him 3 times.

"Im going guys, make sure you burn the warehouse down" I said. I exit the warehouse and let them do they shyt.I then went home to Tye.

I walked into the condo the see Tye just finished cooking. "Babe its smells soo good in here" I said taking off my clothes.

"Thanks babe....."She stop and stared at me. "Shower now and throw those clothes in the laundry room" she said.

"Can I get a kiss first" I asked.

"Umm no your covered in blood" she said.I rolled my eyes and went to shower. As Im in the shower I hear foot steps. Soon the curtain moved with a naked Tye staring at me. I bit my lip because she was so sexy with her little bump. I pulled her in the shower with me. She so short and I love it. I lift her up and put her against the bathroom wall.She immediately wrapped her legs around me.

"I missed you today, I glad you got home safely." she said caressing my hair.

"Im glad too,  so I can be able to do this" I said before kissing her soft lips. I loved hearing her moan when I kiss her sexually. Its like music to my ears.

"Do start something you can finish" she said.

"When do I ever" I said before kissing her neck.l especially that sweet spot.

"Mmhhmm Kevin lets go eat im hungry" she said.I put her down and we finish washing up. When getting up Tye ask "Did you kill the person thats blackmailing us"

I was about the answer yes until I got a text message. I look at it and it said:

I heard you kill Roc.

Wow you really thought it was him. Well im still here nigguh try again.

I finished reading the text message and immediately got angry all over again.

Tye POV:

*4 Hours Later*

Lord finially asleep and I know he want me to not worry and not put his seed in danger but I can't help it. I got out of the bed and went to the closet and dresses in black leggings and hoodie with my black doc's. My hair was already flat ironed so I just put on a black beanie with Swagg Master written on it.

I then grabbed my wire cable connections, my laptop,wire tappers and Star my favorite 9mm gun with a silencer.

I got that all in my black bag and left.The first thing I did was head over the Trap. I drove Lord BMW and park the car. I then started to walk along the side of the building hoping Im going to get caught.

"What are you doing Tye?" Black asked me.

"Im on a mission dont mind me and please please please dont tell Lord" I pleaded.I knew I was going to get stop by them but damn that was fast.

"If I dont I could get shot and your boyfriend" he said.

"Pleeaassseeeee" I said give him the puppy dog face.

"Fine but if I die Im going to haunt you" he said. I giggled

"Ooohh and dont tell Justin either" I said.

"Of course" he said.

I then took out my laptop and then used the wires I had and hooked in the sercuity camera. I quickly hacked into the system in no time. I was able to see everything. I went back the what was taken 3 weeks ago. I was so shock to see what I saw. It couldn't be Frantz.

Frantz try to break us up?


Is he the blackmailer?


I decided to go home after that.That stayed on my mind all night. I dont even think I should tell Lord until I know for sure that was him.

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