The song for this chapter is either Half A Heart by One Direction, or Strong by One Direction. It expresses a lot of the chapter, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it.

Chapter 20

Niall's P.O.V.

August 20, 2014

Simon gave us the day off, and I spent it sulking in my bed. I know it's pathetic, but I cried a lot too. I have been crying myself to sleep lately. It was a certain, perfect girl that I wanted to be here in my arms. I wanted to kiss her, and tell her I loved her. It has been three months since I saw her in person last. We video chat, text, and call, but I need more. I couldn't wait until our next break. It was torture.

When I pressed called, I almost didn't mean to. It rang once before she picked it up.

"Hello?" she said, and I smiled. Her voice is beautiful, and I can tell she didn't look at the caller I.D.

"Hey Aubrey," I said with a small smile. I can't help but smiling whenever she is around. I could tell she left the room when she realized it was me because suddenly the voices in the background disappeared.

"I miss you Niall." I sadly smile now.

"I miss you too, love," I said. I want to take the sadness away from her. The I was thinking again, about her coming to London. I want her so badly to just come see me, and I would pay for her plane.

"Aubrey, will you come to London?" The question leaves my mouth before I can stop it. I know she won't, because of college and her family, but I needed her so bad. The boys were worried about me, and so was I. I can't let Aubrey's absence destroy me completely.

"Niall, I can't," she sounded so sad, I almost got on a plane right then. Why does this have to be so damn hard? I know she can't, so I let it drop. We talked for another 3 hours, then she told me I needed sleep, so we hung up. I couldn't sleep though. So I got up, and started writing. We have a new album coming out, and we need some songs. I got 3 good songs just sitting there missing Aubrey.

The first was called Half A Heart. It told about how I was only half a person without her by my side right now. Then I wrote Strong, and it basically said that I am not afraid to show that I would be broken and weak without her. The last one I wrote is called Happily, and I wrote it to tell her that when I am with her I am happy, but if I am away from her I'm not happy.

by the time I finally fell asleep, it was almost 4 AM. I had to work today, too. Whatever.

So this is like a second part of the chapter. The song for this part is 18 Years by Daughtry. It fits almost perfectly. and it's an awesome song.

Aubrey's P.O.V.

August 21, 2014

The call from Niall surprised me to say the least. I miss him, and I love to talk to him, but it broke my heart that he is in pain. I almost dropped everything and left for London when he suggested it, but I stopped myself. I can't leave my life, even though I would in a heartbeat. God I love my Niall. My leprechaun.

For the hundredth time in the last week, tears fall down my face. But no. I don't have time to cry. I have to get to school, and focus on getting my degree. I didn't get an academic scholarship for nothing. I grab my keys like I have for the last few days, and walk out the door. The drive is quiet, and I don't bother to turn on the radio today. I need to get myself together.

I get out of the car, and walk into the building. To distract myself from Niall, I look at the flyers on the wall. One catches my eye.

Foreign Exchange Program

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