Happiness Comes With Consequences.Pt1

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                         Prologue.                                                Through out high school you suppose to find your true love. When you do you feel happy inside and feel like there's nothing that can break you and your spouse love for each other apart. But few years later you hit with Trials and Tribulations throughout your life that becomes a rocky road for you and your family. Struggles that you can't take any more makes you want to quit and just give up. That's when we enter a married couple that just got married named Tyrone and Destiny Smith.

                      Wedding Day

(Sunday after noon bells ringing birds chirping hearts pounding fast people dress for a big day ahead). Are you ready Destiny?  "Yes Mom" said Destiny. I don't even like this boy  you marring Destiny I just have a bad feeling about him. "Mom you have a bad feeling about every boy that I dated. But I think he is the one" said Destiny. Well if you think he's the one then I will take your word for that. (Destiny sister walks in name Ebony knocks on the door). "Come in" said mom. Is yall coming or nah? Everybody is waiting on you and daddy said his legs are starting to hurt so hurry the hell up. (Mom and Destiny starts laughing out loud) "Okay Ebony were coming" said Mom. (They walked out the door Destiny sees her Dad wrap her arm around him walked her down the aisle seeing Tyrone in black and white tuxedo smiling at each other. Destiny walk up the steps exchange vows, tears falling out there eyes and kissed on the lips and now they are married).

                        After Party

(Everybody dancing and drinking and, having a good time especially Ebony). How are you Ebony? said Tyrone. I'm good just a little drunk where's Destiny? Oh she went home. Do you want me to take you home? (Walks clumsy into Tyrone arms) No just take me in the room in the back and lay me down? said Destiny. Okay (Tyrone picks up Ebony walks her to the room lay her on the bed seeing her panties touching and rubbing  on her legs) You going to be alright?  "Yes" said Ebony. "Alright get some sleep" said Tyrone. Hold On Wait!!!! I want you (She spread her legs biting on her lip rubbing on herself). (Tyrone stares at her climbs on top of her ripping off her clothes the temptation is filling up there body of what there doing so wrong but feels so right. (When Tyrone got done with her he called in some friends). (Ebony saying no but nobody can't hear her Tyrone and his friends raped her and threatening her if she tells anyone they going to kill her). "That's what you get next time don't open up your legs to a married man" said Tyrone. (Ebony in full tears in pain with guilt and barely even conscious. Tyrone gets home takes off his clothes gets into bed wrapping his arm around Destiny). (Still in the room )"Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!"said Ebony. (Bruised up can barely walk gets her phone calls the police and take her to the hospital). (Destiny phone rings 3:00 in the morning) Hello who is this? (Ebony crying on the phone) I'm at the hospital can you help me don't tell mom and dad okay? (Destiny gets out of bed getting dress while Tyrone stays asleep) Okay I won't give me 10 minutes I'll be there bye (hangs up the phone).


(Destiny runs inside the hospital going into Ebony room seeing her with a black eye bruises all around her body falls to her knees crying along side of the bed) Who did this to you Ebony? (Ebony heart rate gets faster and her arms starts to shake) I.....don't know Destiny said Ebony." (Hours pasts by Destiny called Tyrone to see if he can watch Ebony) I got to go to work Tyrone is going to watch you.  Noooooo I want you here not him. I can't I got to go (Tyrone walks in giving kiss to Destiny and telling her goodbye). Hey Ebony says Tyrone. (Ebony just stares at him saying nothing). Wow it look like somebody fucked you up real good (smiling like it's a good thing). You know I like it when you not talking cause if you was (gets up walks over to her bed grabs a pillow) I would have to do this (suffocating her with the pillow looking at the oxygen level go down while pressing down the pillow to her face ). (Ebony swarming her body to find air pressing on the help button so a nurse can come in). How does it feel trying to breath through a pillow? (Tyrone let's go of the pillow walks out the door and nurses come flying in and Ebony is unconscious).

                         To Be Continued

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