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May 5th, 1989

"My name is Larry Nordith. People say i'm crazy, maybe thats why I have locked myself in my room for the past three weeks. But I assure you I am not. What I saw out there is unlike anything i've ever seen before. They are everywhere. Taking over humanity as we know it. I dont even know if I can trust myself. Oh..SHIT...NO...NO PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME............"

This recorded message was recovered along with the journal Larry had apparently kept with him during the last week of his life. Larry had been called a "mentally psychotic maniac" by society, but based on what we are about to show you, its up to you to decide. Is he crazy? Or just misunderstood? Below you will find Larry's journal that he had written in before his dissapearance.

ENCOUNTER ONE: April 3, 1989

It started out with the thought of 'its nothing. No need to worry.' But the more and more it happens I am stsrting to question myself. What if it is something? And its out to get ME? What to do then huh? I guess all I can do now is remain calm and not let it get to me. Then hopefully it'll go away.. R-r-right?..

ENCOUNTER TWO: April 18, 1989

Oh lord, where did I go wrong?!? everything was going fine for 2 weeks, then just a few moments ago, I was awoken by a ground breaking humming noise followed by a blood curdling scream that made my skin crawl. As any concerned neighbor would, I grabbed my rifle, then ran to see what happened. But what happened next was more than i ever couldve been prepared for.

I caught glimpse of it....

All I could see was the rat like tail, and large taloned foot. Looked to be taller than any human ive seen, this better be some sick prank.

ENCOUNTER THREE: April 23, 1989

I dont know what i saw that night, but thungs around here sure as hell have gotten scarier thats for sure. It all started with the garbage cans falling over, or even ending up in another persons yard. Then it had progressed to blood curdling screams that almost sounded inhumane. Now its getting to a point where the neighbors pets are going missing. So whatever i saw.. Its definitely not here to play..

ENCOUNTER FOUR: April 29, 1989

Dear god. I haven't freaking slept in six days now. The sounds... Getting..closer.. It knows where I live for god sakes. Why me?! What on gods green earth did i do to deserve this? What could it want from me?!? I had moved here hoping for a new start, to just escape the past. But apparently Gods got another adeventure planned. One I may not escape from..


Thats it. THATS F&CKING IT! Whatever the f*ck is keeping me sleepless is saying a hardy hello to my shotgun barrel. Im done with this bullshit. Hopefully ill scare it off and all this will be over. Ill write once i get back...IF I get back that is..

ENCOUNTER SIX: May 3, 1989

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

That..That.. THING! Th-the whole ne-ne-neighborhood, EVERYTHING, a huge bloody pit of bodies, both animal and human. What could be worse?.. Theyre all headless. Whatever the hell did this definitely made sure they were dead. Oh dear God, im going to be sick! No one left. The only sound is that of the wind. I can hear it. Its watching me. I dont know where, but it knows im here. Waiting for me to lose my guard. I have no choice. No matter where I go, its always right there. What am I going to do?! Oh shit. Im so f@cked. If i dont write again, then this is goodbye. If this gets to anyone, remember my name and what ive done. And remember, hes always watching whether you believe it or not. If you get the chance, run. Just run. Once you do he will be after you. Protect the rest, even if it means your life. Just keep running until you cant. Dont make the mistake I did.

One more thing. Dont look under your bed. Like it matters anyway. They can see you reading this. They are aware you know. Now its only a matter of time. See you in hell my friends.

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