Texas's POV

"Hey Liam can I talk to you for a sec?" I plaster the biggest grin across my face to seem as innocent as possible.

"Sure, what is it?" He says pulling me into the kitchen.

"Have you got anything planned for next week?" He shakes his head no, oh this is so easy "well you have now, I've decided that for your third anniversary with Nicole you should go away for a week. Somewhere nice and romantic. I'll pay for if of course!"

"Really Texas? That would be amazing but can you afford it?" He says worryingly. Why does Liam have to ask so many questions, fucking hell.

"It's already paid for" I lie. "Oh, I think I'm going away too so you might want to get zayn to house sit? It's not wise to leave Louis and Niall in charge and Harry will just pull a house party if he's left alone."

He pulls me in for a hug and I leg it as fast as I can up the stairs and into Harry's room. I grab his wallet and pull out his card.

"Hi, yeah I'd like to book a room for a week in the name of Long." I say into my cell as I ring up a hotel a few hours away."

"The card holders name?"

"Styles, Mr Harry E Styles" I say smugly. Not only is Harry getting burned but he's paying for it with his own money and I'm going make sure he realises.


"I thought Liam said you were going away and that's why I had to house sit?" Zayn says inquisitively after the loved up gross couple left.

Everything is going so smoothly. Liam and Nicole have left for a week so that means Zayn can stay in their room, which means I can spend time with him to piss off Harry and hurt him. He says he doesn't care? Maybe by the end of this week he will realise just how bad it feels to have someone stand on your heart. That's if he even has a heart. Then again, doing this act makes me wonder if I actually have a heart?

"Oh yeah, my flight got cancelled" I lie. Zayn raises his eyebrow as he can tell I'm lying, he's always been able to read me like a book "fine, you got me. I just wanted to spend time with my main man"

"Main man? What happened to Harry?" Zayn's face lights up with hope and I can't help but wish that it was Harry who responded to me the way zayn does. Jesus, I sound so sad and pathetic with all this lovey dovey bullshit. I don't want to hurt Zayn but I want to hurt Harry more than anything, so I don't fancy sparing Zayn's feelings.

"Harry? He was never anything to me silly. It's you, it's always been you." I say pecking his lips softly after.

"Since when?" He blushes. He licks his lips to hold onto the remains of my lips on his; Zayn may off felt something but I didn't.

"Forever. It just took a lot to bring it out of me" I smile fakely. Zayn can read me like a book but only when I want him to.

Harry's POV

"Fine, you got me. I just wanted to spend time with my main man" Texas says. I stop in my tracks and lean against the wall easedropping.

"Main man? What happened to Harry?" Is she speaking to Zayn?! Zayn is her main man? Oh I've heard it all now.

But yeah, what happened to me?

"Harry? He was never anything to me silly. It's you, it's always been you." I choke a little bit on my laughs. I've never heard more bullshit in my life. Texas loves me and only me, she is mine. She's been mine since the day I saw her smoking in the school grounds.

"Since when?" I poke my head round the corner enough to see the two of them without them seeing me. She pecks his lips before pulling away making him bright red. He's acting like a teenage girl holding onto the kiss by grazing his lip with his tongue. He may of kissed her but I fucked her. Who's the winner? Still me.

"Forever. It just took a lot to bring it out of me" revenge brought it out of you. Cold hearted revenge. I hear footsteps and Tex comes straight out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

"Harry you're home!" She chirps, it's so clear in her voice what's going on "did Liam mention that Zayn is staying over for a week?"

A week? A bloody week?

"Nope but I'm glad, it'll be nice to have no females in the house, Nicole gets in the ways of guy time" I say as chirpy back. If she only knew that I'm going to be planning something twice as bad.

"Oh honey, I'll be here" she's replies.

"Like I said, no females will be here" I smirk at my rude comment before heading up the stair case. There's a sticky note laying on me bed.

"I used your card to pay for a £600 hotel fee for Liam's and Nicole. Just thought I'd let you know, it's going to be such a great week and that's not just for them. Texas xo"

Yeah, it's going to be such a great week. I whip out my phone and push if against my ear.

"Hey babe, fancy coming over Monday?" I say the same line with seven different days to seven different girls. What hurts more than a relationship? Meaningless sex. Texas will feel like she was just some meaningless sex and surely that will hurt her more then it'll hurt me.




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