Yes! Updated! Very sad chapter though if you ask me; this is when things get serious.

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Chapter 14 - Forever silenced

Night Walker Code 047- Death is part of the circle of life; we do not grieve, we move on


Despite all odds, the first thing she thought of when she awoke the next morning was Tanner. The way he had almost kissed her on the dance floor, how perfect it could have been. She kept making scenarios in her mind about what it would have been like if their lips had met; would she have liked it? But then of course, she remembered the way he’d brutally pushed her away and left her on the dance floor, alone. The Day Walker had probably done what he did because he had realised that maybe she and him being together wasn’t a good idea; she didn’t blame him. She was after all a Night Walker, and he was a Day Walker; end of story.

With a sigh, Hayden quietly got out of her bed to not wake her sister, grabbed her things and then left her room to go to the dorm showers. As she walked in the corridor, many girls stopped and stared at her, some were even pointing. Naturally she heard all the whispering, even if she tried hard to ignore it.

“That’s the girl who kissed the Day Walker.”

            “I heard that she drank his blood.”

            “I bet she did it to disappoint her parents.”

            “She’s such a whore.”  

Hayden kept her head up high and continued walking. Who would have thought that vampires were okay with her seeing souls, by when it she almost locked lips with a Day Walker suddenly no one wanted to approach her. Oddly enough, they all apparently thought that she and Tanner had really kissed, and Hayden knew all too well that if that rumour continued to go around, it wouldn’t lead to anything good.


When Hayden came out of the shower stall with a towel tightly wrapped around her hair and her body, she had the surprise of finding a trio of blond girls—Day Walker girls in a Night Walker dorm—waiting for her.

“What?” Hayden asked looking at them.

            “Are you Hayden Brooks?” One of the girls replied as she chewed gum. The Day Walker was in her fighting classes; Hayden recalled that her name was Danicka. She also recalled that the blond midget was a poor fighter, like all Days were. 

Hayden knew that when someone asked who she was as a conversation starter, it was never a good sign.

“You vampires do know that you’re in the Night Walker dorm, right?” She decided to point out, hoping to change the subject.

            “We don’t give a damn about where we are.” A different blond girl responded.

            “We’re here to warn you.” The third one added.

“Oh, really? About what exactly?” Hayden asked in a challenging tone; these girls didn’t scare her at all. She took a step forward and they quickly took a step back.

“If you go near Tanner Preston again, you’ll regret it.” Danicka (obviously the most courageous one) warned her, obviously trying to hide her fear.

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