Meeting the Troublemaker

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Chapter 1

"Codi, jump!" Jennifer yelled at me.

"Screw that! I'll break my neck!" I screamed back.

"No you won't! The worst that would happen is you fracture your tailbone!" Jennifer laughed.

Jennifer and I are best friends for life. We've known each other since before I could write my name.

We usually come up with a lot of stupid crap to do when we're bored. Today she came up with the bright idea of jumping out of my window onto my trampoline we put outside my bedroom window. Did I forget to mention my room is two stories up?

"Okay, Jen! We both jump at the same time." I suggested because I was fricken scared out of my mind!

"Okay fine just because I'm not a total wuss like you!"

"Hold my hand so you don't push me!" That's how things went with us if one of went down the other goes down with. Ironically that worked for this situation really well.

Jennifer and I got on the window seal stood up and grabbed hands.

Next thing I knew I was flying out the window landing on the tramp and then the damn thing threw me off! I sat up off the ground and just heard Jennifer laughing and laughing.

"Oh.. my.. gosh!!" she cried gasping for air. "I can't believe that happened! We are sooo doing that again!"

"No we are not! My butt hurts like crazy! The damn ground probably broke my tailbone!" I was not over exaggerating at all! I bruise like a peach.

"Haha okay whatever! You are a party pooper sometimes, you know that right?" she teased.

"Shut up! I know, so are you spending the night tonight or not?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure anyway. I'll text my mom really fast." Jennifer told me. I stood up just then, realizing I was still sitting on the ground. I looked at Jennifer while she was texting her mom. Jen was gorgeous, she had the light brown hair that wasn't too dark and that wasn't too light. She had blond highlights every once in a while in her hair too. She also had light brown eyes that sometimes got a little green in them, her eyes matched her olive skin well. She had a nice shape to her body she was curvy but she was skinny and I was really jealous of her.

Meanwhile, I had dark brown hair that had a layer of black underneath. And, my eyes well they were so dark brown you could barely see the pupil sometimes. My skin was a light brown because my dad is Hispanic. He was born in Mexico but he came to the US and became a US citizen. He met my mom in California while she was on a church trip. Eventually they fell in love, and got married and moved to Wyoming. Why my skin isn't a nice brown like my dad's is because my mom is a white girl. Although, my mom is beautiful and my dad is handsome, somehow I came out. I guess I'm not ugly, but I'm not beautiful either.

"Codi!" Jennifer said snapping me out of my train of thought.


"I can spend the night still, my mom said so." she said "Oh and I'm gonna call James and see if he'll meet us at the park tonight. If, that's okay?" she asked

"Oh.. yeah. That's cool." James was Jennifer's current boyfriend. And when I say current it's because she goes through guys like a prostitute working her corner. She finds nice guys that are gorgeous! But, she's really picky and finds the smallest flaws in them. Or she just gets bored. But, I'm used to it. Guys love her and I get real nervous around good looking guys.

"Okay, lets go inside and get ready!" Jennifer needs to look good for her boys. Even though she could walk up in a potato sack and still woo them.

Thanks guys!! That's my first chapter! I hope it was okay, I promise it will get more interesting! Wish me good luck with chapter 2!! I'll try to post a new chapter every week, hopefully(;

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