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"The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger."

Andrew Jackson

There was a time when people and elves roamed the earth in peace. However, a battle between elves and men tore the nation apart splitting it into two separate domains. The domain of the elves called Tanari, led by King Azandril, was the first to take power over the elves. The domain of man called Dianti, led by King Caine, was quick to rise up over man to oppose Tanari.

It's been 5 years since the war. Both sides are still opposing each other and determined to defeat the other. Azandril has made an alliance with the kingdom of Liezan across the Sea of Razan and is waiting for the opportunity to strike. Meanwhile, civil war has broken out in Dianti about who should rule and threatens the judgment of King Caine.

"My King, Elise wishes to discuss something of the upmost importance with you."

A knight kneels on the ground in front of a man sitting upon a throne. His light brown hair fastened in an elegant braid that falls to his shoulders. Dark blue eyes peer at the knight intently before a sigh escapes his pale lips.

"Bring her in then."

The knight rises and bows before exiting the room echoing his footsteps around the marble chamber. A minute later he reenters the room with a figure behind him. The woman is walking slowly. Her gray cloak swaying slightly behind her, ruffling her gray hair. Her eyes that hold so much wisdom are firmly fixed upon the figure in silk clothing.

"My lord." She speaks with a clear yet raspy voice.

"What would you like to discuss Elise? My patience wears thin of your incompetence." He waves away the knight and stands up. His skinny figure approaches the shaman with distaste.

"I have news of an evil force arising within this horrid kingdom." She lifts a bony finger, "You King Caine. Oh you deceiving coward, will perish under the flames of your wronging. You will die from someone who despises you with every fiber of their being." She spits at him and sneers at the outraged look on his face.

She turns around to leave when a sword runs her through from behind and an unmerciful voice speaks to her.

"I will not be afraid by your dumb prophecies. At least I am alive right now." He pulls the sword out and watches her fall to the ground, blood pooling around her.

"And you are not." He turns around to leave not hearing her final words.

"Evil rains down upon the land crushing everything underfoot. A being not tainted by the stench of man will stand with white and purple against the evil within." The old shaman breaths in one last time before her eyes glass over.

Across the border within the Kingdom Tanari, elves of all kind gather around a huge arena cheering and celebrating the Festival of the Bonded.

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