Chapter 11

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I'm woken by the sun shining trough the gab in the window and suddenly remember that school starts to day, I quickly get up and find my school uniform, I get changed and then head down stairs i have some toast and orange juice I then go back up stairs brush my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun and go back down stairs, once everyone is ready we head of to school. Johnny and Tee take me and Emily to the head teachers office and wait out side for us.

" oh hello yous must be, Charlotte, and Emily, nice to meet yous here's your timetable and locker key, I hope you enjoy your to me here" the head teacher tells us, he hands us our timetable and a key to our lockers. We then leave the room and Johnny shows me to my locker (which is next to his).

" what you have first" Johnny asks.

" maths" I tell him.

" same" he tells me.

" sorry to asks but are you new it's just I've never seen you before" I turn around, to see a girl about my age with short light brown hair with a side fringe. Beside her is a girl with longish dark brown hair and beside her is an other girl with long blonde hair.

" yeah I just moved her today" I tell her.

" cool, well I'm holly and these are my friends, Tanya and Rebeka" the girl tells me.

" it's nice to meet yous I'm, Charlie" I tell them.

" nice to meet you Charlie, so what do you have first" Tanya asks me.

" maths" I tell her.

" same as us" Rebeka tells me. They must be in my year. Holly suddenly grabs my arm and pulls me away from Johnny and my locker. I wave at Johnny and mouth help at him which makes him laugh. I hope not everyone at this school is like them just pulling me away as if where friends. Once holly finally let's go of me, I can see Emily and tee, and decide to go other to them, which makes holly, Tanya and Rebeka follow me.

" hey em, tee" I say.

" hey, who are these girls" Emily asks me.

" oh hey, Tanya, holly, Rebeka" tee suddenly says.

" hey tee great to see you again" Rebeka says. The bel, suddenly rings and we make our way to our first class, which both Johnny and holly are in so I sit with them.

By the end of the day, me and Emily are best friend with holly, Tanya, and Rebeka. Well Emily doesn't like holly but it do, though I kinda like Tanya a bit more. I think I've found a really good best friend in her, but not as good as Emily. When the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, I say by to Tanya (who was in my class) and leave the school with tee, we make our way to the mini van and I sit with Emily. Once everyone is in we head back to the dumping ground.

" enjoy your first day at your new school girls" mike asks us during dinner.

" yep to was awesome well as much as school can be awesome, we meet three really nice people, holly, Tanya and Rebeka" I tell him.

" sounds good" mike says.


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