Chapter One

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Saturday, 17th July


"Shit..." I mumbled as I ran my hand through my unruly hair whilst staring at the petite figure sleeping soundlessly in my bed.

My white sheets were tangled and bunched together and one of my pillows had found its way to the other side of the room. Beer cans were strewn over the carpet, along with crisp packets and chocolate wrappers.

Action figures lay broken on the window ledge and pages from my latest Walking Dead graphic novel were stuck to the wall with something that looked a lot like peanut butter...

I shook my head.

I shouldn't have had that party. I knew from the moment Peter sent that damned invite tweet that this would be a terrible idea. I should've known that the whole freakin' school was going to show up. The Lord knows we all should be getting ready for our exams, not partying our asses off and doing God knows what in unoccupied closets.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.

I did not think she was going to be there though...

She stirred slightly when my phone buzzed on the other side of the room. I shuffled towards it and then frowned when I saw the caller ID before answering it.

"I'm not in the mood for your shit Pete." I heard my best friend laugh.

"I see someone woke up on the wrong side of bed." I frowned at the plain white wall in front of me.

"Look man, whatever it is you want-"

"Dude, I just wanna know if you managed to bang that chick you were with yesterday."

Of course that's what he wanted to know. That's all he ever wants to know. Rubbing my eye, I yawned before answering his question in the best way I could.

"I don't know."

The line went silent for a long time but before I could assume he hung up on me, Peter spoke.

"Tyler, what do you mean 'you don't know'." I shrugged before remembering that he couldn't actually see me.

"I mean exactly that. I don't know, as in, I can't remember a thing considering you got me drunk off my mind, didn't you now?" I froze as I saw her move in her sleep, probably to get more comfortable.

I wonder if we actually did anything last night. And what about her parents? Aren't they supposed to be worried about her? If we did anything...did I use protection?

Oh my God, what if she's pregnant?!

I'm too young to be a-

"Tyler!" I heard my best friend call, snapping my back to reality and distracting me from my thoughts.

"Look man, I'll text you later or something. Peace." I replied hastily before hanging up the phone. I began to pace up and down, carelessly kicking rubbish out of the way.

If we did anything, would she remember?

I turned to face the sleeping girl.

Her innocence was clear as she lay on my bed. She looked young as she slept, as if she were a freshman but I knew she was a senior like myself.

Her black, wavy hair was slightly messy from sleeping and her make-up was smeared. The Lilac dress she was wearing was rumpled and she only had one earring on.

I bit my lip in frustration.

What am I going to do...

~Tyler is Dylan O'Brien until I think of a better actor...but Dylan is hot so ;). My mum saw Dylan at comic-con and didn't tell me until like three days later -_-. Apparently she tried to call me but the reception was crappy :(.
Anecdote over, toodles x

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