True Colours

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Chapter 7:

True Colours


I lent against the wall and let out a long breath. My anger was getting to me and it really pissed me off. I didn't know what I had against the girl but every time she was around my blood boiled.

Sure that my anger had settle I stood up straight and my way to my usual hiding place, a giant oak tree set back from the school. I scaled it easily and reclined on one of the long branches. After gazing at my clock I discovered I only had five minutes of peace, but after considering it decided to forget about school. I slid my hands behind me head and settled into a relaxing sleep.


We arrived at the gym where Ben's friends were, surrounding the punch bags. We walked over to three guys one extremely tall another quite short but all with unnaturally big muscles. Ben greeted them all with a slapping handshake.

"Guys, this is Carly she's a ... um... a distant cousin who's staying on an exchange trip here, Carly this is Klark, Bill and Jamie,"

"Well hello vampire," they all said simultaneously, 

"Hello," I replied not sure if they were mocking me or not.

"You never fail to surprise me Ben," Klark said laughing. 

"Carly can't help being a vampire anymore than you can help being a werewolf so lay off on the jokes ok." Klark held his hands up,

"Yo dude, we're cool. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine." Bill piped in just as the bell went.

"Catch up with you guys at lunch, save a seat for Carly as well,"

"Will do, as long as you don't bring Luke, I don't fancy the idea of having all of my food thrown on me like last time," Jamie called after us, laughing, They didn't seem to be in any hurry to get to t their next lesson and instead went back to their workout.

"They're training for the elite werewolves and therefore are excused from most lessons to train up," Ben explained to me as we rounded the corner and entered a classroom labelled English. We sat at the back again but I noticed that Luke was missing,

"Probably sulking in a tree somewhere," Ben said when I asked, "What do you care anyway, he treats you like shit,"

"I guess, just curious that's all." I replied,

English went slowly as the teacher went on and on. Soon enough it was lunch and Luke had still not appeared. I grabbed a tray and cutlery from the side and made my way to the food table after Ben. The choice was curry with fried vegetables so I opted for plain rice to see how my new vampire stomach would cope with food. Ben's friends waved me over from the other side of the cafeteria so I followed as Ben was still queuing for curry,

"Not hungry," Bill said as he gazed at my food. I glanced at his plate in response and knew why he was so shocked by my eating habits. I had never seen so much food in my whole life. He had literally taken everything that was available as well as three puddings and a apple. Quickly comparing his plate to Jamie's and Klark's I noticed they were  just as bad,

"You could say that," I replied digging in to my rice. Ben shortly joined us with a medium size portion of curry and vegetables.

"So what school did you come from then? Your accent, it sounds southern," Jamie asked me,

"Oh Greenlake High, no one has ever heard of it so don't worry," He didn't seem to.

"So what brought you here, apart from your family of course," Klark asked me.

"Dunno really, I guess I was just bored of being stuck in the same town" I explained. Just then a commotion in the other end of the hall caught my attention. I turned to face it and realized, as my heart sank, Luke was at the centre of it. He was squared up to a muscular 6ft 7 skinhead.

"What the fuck's your problem," the guy was shouting at Luke.

 "I told you to treat your girlfriend with respect not drag her around like a dog," Luke snarled back,

"Oh shit, he's done it again," Ben sighed from behind me. He caught the eye of James and Will who were a few tables away from us. They both nodded and moved towards the crowd which was now forming. Ben followed and with a quick nod from Klark and the others I followed too,

"This is way too good to miss." Klark whispered in my ear but I was feeling too sick to listen. I perched myself on a nearby table so that I was out of the firering range,

"I'll treat my girlfriend however the fuck I  want," The guy said pushing Luke backwards,

"See you really shouldn't have done that," Luke said then leaped at him.

The force of the leap took the guy by surprise knocking him to the floor. Luke jumped on top of him punching him so fast I could barely see him arms move. I caught sight of Ben and Will edging towards them, concern on Ben's face and a smirk on Will's.

Luke threw another punch and I swear I heard the bone click in the guys jaw. Blood sprayed out of his mouth making the surrounding people grimace and step back slightly. The guy quickly recovered and after throwing a couple of punches at Luke managed to throw him off.

Luke fell back into Ben who kept hold of him. Luke began struggling so it took, Klark and Will to keep him back. The other guy just laughed and spat out blood.

Pounding footsteps from behind me announced the arrival of teachers. Sure enough as I looked back I saw the coach and another stone-faced teacher head for the crowd. As they pushed their way through to where Luke (still struggling to get free) and the guy were, the other students felt it was a time to swiftly depart.  

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