Chapter Eighteen:

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[Third Person]

She's coming.

The baby's coming.

That's the only thing that ran through Justin's head.

"M-mom... L-Lyiah's i-in l-labor." Justin stammers putting his phone in his pocket.

"Oh my goodness. We need to get to the hospital." She squeals.

They all climb into the car, driving to the hospital. Justin was a nervous wreck. He had no idea what to expect. He could feel himself getting upset.

"Mia? How is she?" Pattie asks walking in with Jazmyn in her arms.

"She's fine. She's fully dilated and ready to push.

Justin's face goes pale. "I-Is s-she in p-pain?"

"Yes. And she's been asking for you." Mia says.

Justin look at her door. Is he ready for this? What's going to happen?

"Go ahead baby. You can do it." Pattie encourages. He takes a deep breath, preparing for whatever was behind that door.

Pushing the door gently, he walks in to see Lyiah laying in the bed, clearly in pain.

"L-Ly?" He croaks.

Lyiah's head snaps to him, tears filling her eyes as the pain becomes to much for her.

"J-Justin..." She sobs reaching for him. His heart broke as he goes to her side, grabbing her hand.

"Y-you okay?" He asks.

"N-no... S-she's coming Justin..." She pants, sobbing in pain.

"Ms. Brent, we need you to push okay?" The doctor asks.

"Okay..." She whines, holding her thighs and pushing as hard as she could.

"Oh... god! This hurts!" She screams, still pushing.

"You're almost there... Just keep pushing." The doctor encourages.

"I see a head!" He squeals. Suddenly a piercing cry fills the room.

"It's a girl!" The doctor yells, making everyone in the room cheer.

"Justin... Look... Our baby..." Lyiah pants admiring her precious baby girl.

"S-she's beautiful." Justin says, tears pricking his eyes.

"Uh.... Doctor?" Lyiah squeals. "Something's happening!"

Dr. Richards goes back to her, checking to see what was the problem.

"There's another baby." He says in disbelief.

Justin and Lyiah look at each other, eyes wide. "A-another baby?"

"Oh! Yeah... It's another one..." Lyiah screams pushing forward.

She keeps pushing and pushing until another scream fills the room.

"Another girl." The doctor says.

Wow. Another girl. They couldn't believe it. They had twin girls.

"Justin... We have twins..." Lyiah pants.

"I-I know." He chokes out.

"You wanna cut the cord?" Dr. Roberts asks Justin. He nods silently walking over to cut the cord. He pulls out his phone snapping a few pics of them.

"Here you go." The nurse says putting both of the babies in his arms. He walks over smiling wide, passing me one of them.

"Hi hunny." Lyiah coos.

"T-there b-beautiful..." Justin says looking down at the beautiful babies.

"So... Which is Journey?" Lyiah says.

"Hum... She looks like a Journey." He says looking at the baby in his hands.

"Oh... Well... Let's name this cutie Avalanna... Avalanna Rose..." Lyiah says.

Justin stares at her, his eyes wide. "T-That's p-perfect." He rasps.

They laid in the bed, cradling their beautiful baby girls...

Journey Grace Bieber and Avalanna Rose Bieber.


But I have some news...

So there is this guy I've been talking to.

He knows that I'm a belieber... And he likes Justin's music too.😭😭😍😍

But anyway, we were hanging out today because he rarely gets to see me because he's always working.

He also knows I wrote stories and supports it.

So yeah... I'm kind of lucky, eh?

Anyway, the next few chapters will be very cute moments with Justin, Liyah and the Bieber Twins👧👧

I hope you guys liked this chapter. I may update in the morning, if my headache subsides.

Love you my Gracies.

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