It’s Friday night and Maria and I decided it was time for our first college party. One of the frat houses is having a black light party and one of the brothers in Maria’s Philosophy class invited us. When I told Luke why I couldn’t come over tonight Calum basically screamed and begged me to get them invited.

So, basically I’m going to my first college party with my roommate, my ex-boyfriend-now-kinda-my-boyfriend, and his best friends. The boys came over an hour ago and haven’t stopped complaining about us taking so long so eventually I kicked them out and told them to wait for us in the dorm lobby.

We were instructed to wear white clothing, and as little of it as possible so the lights would reflect off the clothes and we would have room to paint our bodies. To be completely honest, I’m a little nervous about this party. I’ve never been to a college party before and I’m going to be close to naked. Maria has assured me I’ll be okay and Luke promised me he wouldn’t leave my side. Maria promised the same thing but, knowing her, the moment she spots a hot guy she’ll leave me in an instant.

I check my outfit one last time in the full-length mirror inside the closet; I’m wearing white jean shorts, a white, tight crop top and white converse. I feel so exposed; I’ve been to themed parties before where I had to dress a little slutty but this felt different.

“Ready?” Maria asks from beside me. She nudges me over slightly to check out her own outfit, she’s wearing the same thing as me but her crop top shows more cleavage. I nod nervously, sliding my phone and room key into my pocket and heading out the door. We walk down the stairs to the lobby to meet up with the boys. They notice us coming down the stairwell; you could see their mouths drop from a mile away.

“Holy shit, Tay” Luke gawks, standing up and walking towards me, “You look so hot…I mean sexy…I mean beautiful”

“Luke, I get it, thank you” I blush, trying to get Luke to shut up.

The rest of the boys stand up and we walk to the frat house. I can’t help but laugh at how the boys are dressed; they’re all wearing white tshirts and white gym shorts, which is so different than their usual black skinny jeans and band tshirt.

As usual, we’re late. The party has been going for about an hour now, which is preferable since everyone will already be drunk so we get to skip the awkwardness of everyone getting drunk together. When we get into the frat house, it’s dark. The only light comes from the black lights hanging from the ceiling and placed in random spots around the house. A shirtless guy runs up to me and pulls me to the table set up by the coffee table with paints and brushes.

“Let’s get you painted” He says, only to be interrupted by Luke walking over and wrapping a protective arm around my waist.

“I can take care of that, thanks for showing us the table” Luke snaps and the guy walks away seemingly unaffected by Luke’s death stare. Luke spins me around and smiles down at me and places a quick kiss on the corner of my lips. He smirks at me before pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it behind him. “Now what?”

“I can paint you and you can paint me” I shrug, slightly embarrassed by allowing Luke to paint my body. Luke nods shortly and grabs a brush from the table. He dips the brush into some paint and reaches for my face. “Nothing graphic or embarrassing” I warn him. I don’t really want to spend my first college party having a penis on my cheek.

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