Chapter 17

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Izzy's P*O*V

I couldn't sleep at all really, I managed to get to sleep for about an hour and that took me to half 5 after that I just couldn't sleep. I didn't want to wake anyone up so I just laid there staring up at the ceiling thinking about everything. I thought back to what happened with dad but I got too upset so I stopped sharpish, but then I thought about what Ash did, I mean fair enough he was drunk but he has never been like that with me and I've been around him when he's been drunk before so it just didn't make sense I felt more violated than I already did and I didn't like it, I just wanted to be... well me again. When I checked the clock again it was about 7:30. I quietly leant across Jake to get my phone and checked my twitter feed. I came across a tweet from Jake from about 4, which is when I finally drifted to sleep for a short while at least, he'd said 'Aww my bubs has finally fallen asleep! Awesome show tonight you kicked arse Portland!!' And he'd attached a photo of me asleep, he was so going to pay for that one. I checked my facebook and Instagram nothing new really. By the time I was done it was about 8 and I couldn't lay around anymore so I got up and went to shower, when I got out I changed into this ---> (I couldn't decide whether to wear shorts or leggings) I walked out to the living room thing and saw Andy sitting there watching Batman...wouldn't expect anything less. I went and sat next to him he jumped a little then said "Oh it's you, morning little one" "Morning Andy" "What's the matter you seem down?" "Just keep thinking about everything" "Well today your mine so cheer up" "What do you mean 'I'm yours'?" "I mean we've got an off day so me and you brother and sister day like I promised" "Aww yay thanks Andy I need this" "I know, now I'll go and get ready and then we can go out for breakfast, back in 10!" He flounced off and I couldn't help but laugh, oh what would I do without him. I watched the rest of the Batman episode that was on and took my leggings off it looked hot so I just thought I'd go with shorts and by the time Andy came out a second episode of batman had almost finished! I looked to him and said "10 minutes huh? Your worse than me!" "Oh shut up let's go!" "Okay!" So instead of being nice and waiting for me to get up he dragged me up and out the bus door. We walked down the street for a while until we gathered our senses and headed in some sort of direction. 

  We walked into a star bucks....because why not! I didn't want much so I got a cream base caramel Frappuccino, with a cookie and Andy had a hot chocolate with 2 cookies. We sat down at one of the corner tables and ate. Andy spoke first saying "So little one how have you been?" "I've been with you Andy you've seen how I've been haha" "I know but I wanted to ask" "Yeah I've been alright I guess, that thing with Ash last night is eating at me a bit and the thing with dad still gets to me obviously but other than that happy as a lamb" "Ah good on the most part and Jake treating you good?" "Oh Andy don't go all protective and soppy on me" "I'm not I'm just looking out for you" "Haha I guess so and yeah he makes me so happy I'm lucky to have him, that thing at the concert last night though was such a shock did you seriously not know? Do you think we're moving too fast?" "Aww good I'm glad your happy that's all I care about little one, and nope I didn't have a clue that he was planning that, and well if your happy go as slow or as fast as you like I guess but don't go too fast if you see what I mean, I don't want you ending up hurt because I would have to do some serious arse kicking!" "Oh Andy you couldn't punch your way out of a bag of wet lettuce!" "Hey that was mean!" "Yes, now what are we planning on doing today??" "Well I thought we could go shopping and to the park and there's this really cool place I want to show you later, I think your going to love it!" "Okey dokey shall we make a start then??" "Yeps where would you like to go first little one?" "SHOPPING!" "Okay lets go!" so off we went. We got to the mall and we both ran straight to hot topic, I only really wanted a couple CD's and a new belly bar but Andy insisted I splashed out so I did exactly that and basically got a whole new wardrobe including tons of BVB stuff and a hell a lot of shoes! We walked around the rest of the mall and went in a few other shops and by the time we were done it was about 2pm. We went to the food court and sat down, Andy went off to queue up to get us lunch and while he did that I thought I'd better check my phone, I only had 2 texts which was kind of sad but oh well I checked them one was from Jake the other....Ash. I checked Ash's first it said 'WE NEED TO TALK!!' I ignored it and then checked Jake's it read 'Where are you? And Andy? I assume your together, text me when you can love you <3' I replied saying 'Afternoon sweetie, sorry I didn't leave a note or anything, me and Andy are just spending some time together, at the mall at the moment don't tell Ash! <3' He replied back almost instantly saying 'Aww okay enjoy your day and don't worry I wont. I was wondering if you want to go see a movie tonight when you get back?<3' I replied saying 'I'd love nothing more, see you tonight sweetie Love you <3' he said back 'Can't wait! Love you too <3' Then I saw Andy coming back over with our food and I put my phone back in my pocket. Andy sat down in the seat opposite me and said "Who was that?" "Just Jake checking I was okay" "He's so panicky over you I've never seen him like this" "Aww haha bless him, he's taking me out to see a movie tonight is that okay?" "Yeah that's fine, I was actually going to ask if you and Jake wanted to double date with me and Juliet tonight because she's just across town because she's got a show tomorrow" "OMG YES! I haven't seen Juliet in ages I need someone to talk to that isn't male no offence" "None taken" "Goody! Now lets eat!" "Good idea" When we'd finished we threw our rubbish away and got up and left. 

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