Chapter 7

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Isaiah's P.O.V
"Hey Maximus Powers you ready?" I asked
"Yeah, but I don't understand why we have to wear shirts, tie or a bow tie, slacks, and dress shoes."
he stated
I had on a pair of black slacks with a white dress shirt and a red and white poka dot bow tie. Maximus had on a pair of black slack with a black and white poka dot tie with a white shirt.
"We have to look nice for this because these are very high-end stores and we want to look high-end. We are gonna go to a few well known jewelry stores and if we don't find anything there we are going to New York." I said
"New York?" he asked stopping for a second
"Yep, my boss is letting my borrow his jet and we will be there and back before you know it, and go to the jewelry district there." I said
We go to the first jewelry store called Shelle Jewelers Premier. When we walks in a lady comes and helps us and she looks familiar.
"How may I help you today? Are you Isaiah? Isaiah Brown? Summer Watkins?, we dated in high school until the middle of Senior Year." she said saying all this stuff to help jog my memory
"Hey, I thought you looked familiar." I said smiling remember who she was
"What you found out that I worked here and you want me back." she said feeling herself a little too much
"No I am actually here to look at engagement rings." I said busting her hope bubble
Why did she think I wanted to get back with her we dated almost 6 years ago. She knew we weren't right for each other because she was the one that broke it off to go date that baseball player Sammy.
"Oh" she said
"Last I heard Sammy was in the pros here in Chicago for the Cubs." I said that to make her mad because her and Sammy broke up right before he went to the pros. Because he figured our she didn't love him. That was really the only reason she dated me because she thought I was going to the league. But once I decided not to she was off of me like the plague
"Yeah, we are taking a break and we plan to get back together after the season is over. You know he wanted to make sure he had his life together and where he wanted it. Okay, what are you looking for?" she asked changing the subject
"What is the biggest carat you have?" I asked "
Well here we have an 18 kt, and the one in New York is a 25 kt. Because of the jewelry district, the have the biggest carats and the biggest selections." She said pulling up pictures on her company IPad
"We were gonna check here first but since everything is in New York we will have to take THE PRIVATE JET there and back." I say strongly
As we walk out the store she steps in front of me and I motion for Maximus to go ahead and go to the car as I toss him the keys.
"Isaiah, I miss you and your cute dimples." She rubs my dimples and I snatch her hand down immediately it down.
"I am about to propose to the women I love. If you were wondering yeah she is black and she is the apple of my eye. " I said
"I know your mother wouldn't approve of that you, I am just what you need to get you back loving white girls." she said
"I have to go and maybe of you weren't such a gold-digging slut you would have a good man. Goodbye Summer and please do me and you a favor get you self together. I have a plane to go catch. Oh yeah and what happened to you and Sammy getting back together " I said before I left
I leave her standing there in awwww with her mouth wide open. We get to the airport and we get to New York in couple of hours and get to the store.
"Hello, Welcome to Shelle Jewelers Premier how may I help you." one of the jewelers said
"Well, we were at your Chicago store and one of your workers said the bigger carats here." I said
"Ok let me show you and by the way my name is John." he said
"Thank you John" I said as we continued to follow him
"But yes to answer your question, our biggest ring is the 20 kt Princess cut and very beautiful. It also comes with a 3 year warranty and a 5 year cleaning." He explained going over to the case which held the ring
"Do you think she will like it?" I asked Max
"She will love it she has always wanted a big ring and you are buying her it now " he replied
"I will take it and how much is it?" I asked "It's only $100,000 because it's on sale." John said
"Oh yeah do you have a diamond tennis bracelet?" I asked
"Yeah, but this one is 10 kt and it's $5,000." John stated
"I will take both" I said not taking a moments hesitation
"That brings your total to $105,000+ tax and it is $106,350." John said ringing the 2 up
"Will you be paying with cash or card?" he asked
"Card" I said
"Credit or Debit?" He questioned
"Credit" I replied
"When you box them up, may you box them up really nice I am proposing in two weeks." I said
Okay, we will put this in a big hardwood box, so it will look nice and clean." he replied
"The tennis bracelet is a gift for her early on the trip." I said explaining my purchase of it
"Here you are sir, you two gentleman have a wonderful day. Don't forget we do wedding jewelry also." he said
"Sir, is there anyway possible that you could tell the owner or the manager of the store in Chicago, Illinois. That a sales lady names Summer Watkins was acting unprofessional. I was her ex and I have moved on and I really would like to do business there but I can not because of her. Is there anyway that you may relay that to them?" I asked
"Yes sir, no matter what has happened in the past between you and the customer. There should always be professionalism." He replied
"Thank you sir and I will be coming back here because of you and your awesome service." I said before leaving
We get back on the plane and head back to Chicago. Tomorrow we are going to look at the houses because we leave Monday and tomorrow is Friday and I have to pack Saturday and Sunday.
I open the door and she is laying on the couch with some lingerie with a bunny tail and it's turquoise my favorite color.
"Babe, what is this?" I asked smiling
"Well I feel like you have been distant and I want to do something nice for you because you are too good to me. Why have you been distant babe?" She questioned putting her hands around my neck
"uhh well uhh I have been having a lot of work, appointments, and meetings" I say trying to his what I was really planning
"Isaiah Brown make love to me. I want you more than ever I haven't been right without you make me scream." She said wrapping her legs around my waist
I pick her up and I kiss her with my tongue almost swallowing hers. We go to the kitchen table and I unzip her outfit and she unbuckles my pants and we move our way to the kitchen Island. I finally carry her to the bedroom and throw back the covers and make love.

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