wedding bells

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Christencrosser:Yay! Okay.... So right now I am doing realy random shit okay. Ren and sis go very well together. When you guys get married I better be the flower girl. Aoba, you have to at the least spend 30 minutes in a dark closet with sly and shiroba. Clear, I have 2 golden apples want some"

Akuaiko: glad you think so.

Chris: why dress pant's though?

Akuaiko: well why not?

Ren: Akuaiko,should we tell them?

Kaito: Ren and Akuaiko married yesterday. And,

Clear: Akuaiko is going to have babies! Or baby.

Aoba:* sweat drop* that's right. But the baby is going to have features from Mink, Sly, and me.

Sei: If you want to know how look through previous chapters.

Aoba: uh, okay?* goes into closet*

Sy and Shiroba appear: huh?

Sly: the heck?

Shiroba: oh, hello Aoba.

Aoba: hey guys. We're stuck in here for a half hour.

Sly: seriously?

Shiroba: a dare?

Aoba: yeah.

-30 minutes later

Akuaiko: kuya?

Sly: Oh, times up?

Akuaiko: yeah. What'd you guys do?

Aoba: talked. Turns out these guys aren't as bad as they seem.

Sly: Later.* leaves*

Shiroba: I too must get going

Clear: Sure! Golden apples are so shiney!

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