Chapter Twelve

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Chapter 12

≈Sadie's P.O.V≈

After having an eventful night I woke up earlier than the rest of our impromptu groups and decided to get the heck out of there. Without trying to wake up Sky I got out of his hold and shot up upstairs to change back into my clothes and headed down stairs and out the front door without a second glance. I head over to my house next door walking strait in since my parents have left already being only seven thirty in the morning. I head back upstairs changing into my own pajamas hoping to fall back into a deep sleep till I have to wake-up in time to meet with the girls.

Turned out my prayers were answered since I awoke to the sound of my phone blasting off alerting that I'm receiving a call. Rolling over in my bed still snuggled in the sheets I grab my phone off my night stand and look at the caller ID and low and behold it's one of my best friends , AJ, calling me. I pick up the phone to be greeted by the lovely shrieking of her and my two other best friends trying to tell her to 'shut it' since they were in public but if it's one thing that we know collectively is if AJ wants to be loud then she will be loud and you can only pray that your ear drums will survive a blitz attack.

I can only guess that...

A. I'm about to get yelled at for not telling them what happened last night or...

B. That I missed the meeting time at the mall and need to get my ass out of bed real soon if I don't want to face AJ's wrath...

I'm hoping we are going with option B because I can handle that one but I don't think I'm ready to share what happened yesterday exactly seeing as I still have no idea what I got myself into. Heck I wouldn't even know how to explain it and I know that she will want every detail of what occurred. Groaning I answer her shriek with an annoyed 'WHAT!' and got her mumbling back something along the lines of 'you better not give me an attitude' but all I really understood is that they have been waiting for me for ten minutes which is a lifetime in the minds. I tell her that I'm getting ready and will be there in thirty and to go ahead and shop and I will meet up with them in turn earning a 'you better' from Toni in the background.

Sighing I heaved myself out of bed and made my way over to my closet throwing on a pair of shorts and a wolf t-shirt with black converse to finish the look. Throwing my hair into a pony tail I high tail it down stairs and snatch an apple to eat on the way and grab my small version of a brown messenger back to sling across my body. Snagging my keys from the entry table I make my way outside towards my beauty. I unlock the car and back out of the driveway and while driving passed Sky's house I can see through the front windows the guys are talking in what looks like an argument of some kind but I have no time to stop and wonder what it might be about because I have a very angry, waiting, 4"2 girl waiting for me at the mall to hear of the adventure I had last night.

I arrive at the mall close to ten thirty and park the car and get out receiving a text message from the group that they are in the food court by the ice cream shop. Oh I could really use an ice cream cone to get me out of this funk and who cares that it is only ten in the morning that apple will not last me I can reassure you because being in band you tend to eat twice your body weight in calories to escape the chance of passing out or missing a chance to eat. With that thought in mind I high tail into the food court spotting my friends right off the bat. I walk over to them waving my hand in a small greeting manner only to be yelled at by AJ.


I give her a 'really' look and respond drastically quitter,

"If you don't calm down then I won't tell you at all alright?"

"Grr fine you win this round but be warned that if something similar to this happens in the future and you don't tell us within the next twenty four hours there dire consequences will occur. So be WARNED!!"

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