Torture. Pure torture.

Thats what it felt like listening to Paul screaming in pain. Sam and Jared were doing their best to comfort me but nothing could stop the agony i was feeling, with every piercing wail it felt as though my heart was being ripped to shreds and stomped into the dirt.

"please Liv just let me take you home. This is too much for you"

Jared kept begging me but i couldn't leave. instead i shrugged him off and ignoring their protests i walked past the pack and into Sams house following the screaming to the spare room. It was like de ja vu seeing Paul lying in the same bed he was weeks ago. Edward and Emmett were holding him down while Carlisle seemed to be crushing and snapping his ribs. It looked horrible.

"Olivia i don't think you should be in here"

I ignored Edward and rushed to Pauls side placing my hands on his face and kissing him gently.

"I'm here baby, im right here"

His eyes shot open and he looked straight at me, a small smile crept onto his face and he kissed me again

"sorry you had to see me like this again Liv"

despite the obvious pain he was in he still managed to crack a smile. I pecked him softly on the lips as i chuckled

"i'm getting pretty tired of meeting you like this babe"

another piercing scream left his lips this time i buried my face in his hoping to at least to offer a little comfort. When i looked up Edward and Emmet had let him go and Carlisle was setting up a drip. I guess the worst was over, Paul had seemingly drifted off to sleep so i kissed him softly on the head before turning to Carlisle.

"Will he be okay?"

The blonde haired leech nodded softly before picking up his doctors bag

"He should be back to normal in a few days, I've set up a morphine drip but he's goig to burn through it pretty quickly so i'll be back tomorrow with more. Just make sure he takes it easy okay"

He offered a small smile which i returned before leaving the room with Emmett behind him. My attention shifted to Edward who was still standing on the opposite side of the room

"I'm sorry Olivia, for what's happened"

that reminded me exactly why we were all in this situation in the first place. I mean i understood why he came to us for help, to protect Bella but still his obsession with a human had brought this upon all of us

"I understand you're angry with Bella and I but i need you to understand she means the world to me and i will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if that means putting the pack in harms way. Bella is and always will be my number one priority"

Suddenly i was filled with rage, without even thinking i lunged at the disgusting leech grabbing him by the shirt and throwing him through the window, he didn't even realise what was happening until it was too late and the shattering of glass and splintering of wood had the pack and Cullens racing to the side of the house to see what was happening. I leapt through the window phasing as i went and landed on top of him ready to bite his head off. This time he was prepared and he threw me off him and into a tree. I winced a little as my body collided with it but i was back up in seconds to charge at him, only to have Sam and Jacob leap in front of me and block my path.


Sam growled at me, i could feel the alpha order behind his command so reluctantly i did as i was told snatching a shirt from Jared who had come running from the house. Carlisle and Emmett were standing in front of an angry Edward blocking him from moving.

"What the hell is going on?"

Sam asked as i came to stand beside him, my glare fixed on Edward.

"That asshole over there is what's going on. He just told me he would put the pack in harms way if it meant keeping Bella safe. Well guess what asshole i wouldn't hesitate to rip you and your family apart if it meant keeping mine safe"

Carlisle shot Edward a shocked look while Sam and Jacob tensed angrily beside me. After all we did to help the guy he turns around and says this.

"I want you three off our land immediately. Don't come to us for help again, from now on you clean up you own messes. Edward i'm extremely disappointed in your words after the help we have given you but if that's truly how you feel then so be it"

Sam, ever the diplomat. Carlisle gave us a slight nod before the three raced off into the trees. Jacob and Jared phased and left to escort them while Sam turned to me.

"Nice move throwing him through the window Liv"

I shook my head and smiled before walking past him and back inside to check on Paul

"Oh by the way you owe me for that window too"

Sam shouted at me, shit maybe i should have waited until we were outside and then kicked Edwards ass. oh well shit happens. When i got back to the room Paul was wide awake looking at the window curiously

"What the hell happened there?"

I shrugged and cautiously slid under the covers beside him. I could see he was still in a lot of pain but he visibly relaxed when i rested my hand on his shoulder

"I threw Edward Cullen through the window but don't worry about that babe, you just get some rest"

He opened his mouth to say something but instead shook his head and snuggled his head against mine, within seconds we were both passed out.

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