Born to Be- Chapter 1

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Everyone is born into being destined to someone. You can't choose, because once you're are claimed to a person you don't even know. Once you are in your mother's arms you get a necklace, but it isn't just an ordinary necklace. Whenever you are close to your soul mate your necklace will light up and it will give you a warmth on your chest. I never thought I would find my soul mate, mainly because I didn't believe in the necklace.

My name is Lucy Hale, born and raised in South Dakota. I had loving parents that wanted nothing but the best for me. I grew up never taking off the necklace because my parents said it was forbidden. My parents even set up play dates so they could find the boy faster. I would listen to my parents and go on every play date they forced me on when all I wanted to do...was play with my friends.

Once I got into middle school boys all around would flirt with me. Then there was this one boy, my necklace never lite up nor did his, but I didn't care. One day under the monkey bars he kissed me. I never kissed a boy before and I really liked it. We held hands everyday and when my parents found out...they weren't too happy.

"LET GO OF THAT BOY'S HAND!" my mother shouted as soon as she saw my necklace. They took me out of that school and I never saw that boy again.

Finally when High School came around my parents let a little loose...not wanting to be completely annoying around me. First day of Senior year and I was already tired and annoyed by school.

"Lucy!!" I turned my head and looked down the hall to see my best friend Ashley, Ashley was pretty, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyed girl. The perfect girl that people think about.

"Hey Ashley!" She walked next to me as we headed to our lockers.

"How was your last day of vacation considering you choose not spend it with me?" She joked and I laughed as I opened up my locker.

"Okay I guess. I just mainly got ready for school and heard the regular lecture from my parents." My parents always gave me the 'You know you can't date a boy unless your necklace lights up' speech.

"Ew." Ashley said grabbing her books and walking to class. "Thank goodness I found my soul mate already." I smiled and in about a second her necklace lit up and she turned to see her boyfriend walking down the hall, Tyler. "Hey baby" She said as she locked lips with him and I turned away saying bye and walking down the hall.

As I walked into my first class I was welcomed by Mr.Wrench, a tall, very fit old man that always taught english like he invented it.

"Good morning Mrs.Hale! Glad to see an old student back in my class" He said and I smiled as I took the regular seat I always had. I pulled out my books and pens.

"Way to ditch me!!" Ashley said as she rushed into the room before the 2 minute bell rang.

"Sorry, but I really didn't wanna stay and watch you and Tyler swab spit." She rolled her eyes and smiled taking out her notebook and pen.

The students shuffled in as the bell rang for class to start.

"Of course..first day of school and all you seniors are late! way to start off the school year!" Mr.Wrench said as he took his seat behind the desk.

No one sat on the left of me and I felt kinda alone, but Ashley didn't fail me as she started to pass notes.

Ash: Maybe this year is your year! :D

Me: What are you talking about??

Ash: Your soul mate will come!!!

Me:  Oh please. You know I don't believe in that!

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