Chapter Three~ ♡

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     It's finally the first day of school. I'm so nervous. I tried not to think of it that much so I decided to take an early morning shower to release some of my stress.

     I kept my door slightly open so that Mickey (my pitbull) could come into my room. What I haven't noticed until later was that he had gotten into my drawers.

     I SWEAR TO GAWD!! Where's mom when I need her. She's always away when Mickey gets in my underwear drawer. "MICKEY~ GET OUT!!!!"

     My mom seriously needs to get a dog cage for him or something. This is the first day of High School and I'm going to smell like wet dog if Mickey keeps going into my underwear drawer..

     "Mom!" I yelled from the shower, no answer. "Mom!!!! Where are you?!" About five minutes later, a slow figure came walking into the door. I jumped at the sight until I realized who it was. "Jeez mom, doesn't anyone tell you that you look horrible in the morning?" She didn't answer, "anyways, take Mickey out of my room so that I don't smell like dog in on the first day of Freshman year." She happily smiled and dragged Mickey away. "Thank you!" "You're welcome, sweetie." I heard her yell back.

~few hours later~

      "Heyy!" Isabella called out to me. "Looks like we'll be riding the same bus together." I was happy. At least I knew someone on the first day of school. Let's just hope the rest of the day goes according to my careful mental planning.

        Hello Freshman year. Good luck to everyone. Especially me...

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