Zayn Imagine

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You were at the club with your friends having the time of your life. You wanted a drink so you left your friends on the dance floor and went to the bar. You got your drink and was just relaxing at the bar before going back to the dance floor.

You were bout to go back when you felt someone behind you. You turned around and saw a really drunk guy.

"Hey darling want to get out of here?" you smelt the alcohol on his breath.

"No thank you." you politely responded.

"That wasn't a question your coming with me!" he started pulling you. You tried pulling out of his grasp. He turned around and yelled "DONT YOU DARE FIGHT ME!!" yet you kept pulling.

He turns back around and raises a fist to you. Just when he was going towards your face another guy steps in grabbing the guys fist with his hand and took the guy throwing him outside.

The guy who saved you came back to make sure you were ok and you saw his face. It was Zayn Malik from One Direction one of your fav bands of all time.

"Hey love are you ok?" he asked in his amazing accent.

"Ye-yea I'm ok, thank you."

"No problem love!"

"How could I ever repay you?"

"Well you could give me your number and let me take you out."

"That's all you want?" sounding surprised that he would want to go out with you.

"Yea, is that ok?"

"Yea it's perfectly fine, but why me?"

"You're really beautiful." You blush and give him your number and then say goodnight then go met your friends back on the dance floor and dance the night away with Zayn staring at you.


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