Facts with Roseheart: Season One Episode Six

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Roseheart: Hello, toms and she-cats, she-cats and toms! Today is a cooking special! Today, we shall make Roseheart's Tasty Tacos!!

Roseheart: First, take a soft shell. Second, take sour cream and put it on ze soft shell! Third, sprinkle some shredded Mexican chez! Not cheese, you'll die from that. Fourth, sprinkle some meat on top of ze chez! Finally, just fold your taco and eat it! You may put other toppings if you like!


Shaggyfur: Mmmmmm!!!! Tasty!

Silverpaw: Mmmmmm!!! Bring some to ze next partay!

Tigerstar: Fox dung! I thought mine were better! *holds up burnt taco*

Leaftear: OMG!!!! YESH!!! I wanna marry you, Taccotina!!!!!

Other cats: o.O Anyway, yeah, they're tasty!

Roseheart: See? They're TAAAAASSSSTYYYY!!!!!

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