Chapter 12

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Jack pulled me out of the car,"Well good morning Cody!"

Men with machine guns surrounded me.

"All this for little old me. I feel honored," I said wearing a goofy smile.

Jack rolled his eyes and walked me over to cutler. I tried not to shiver with fear.

"Welcome back Cody," cutler's voice was cold and dead.

"Glad to be back," I said sarcastically.

Cutler pulled out his pistol and pointed it right past my head where twenty guys surrounded Jessica,"Now here is how this works, Cody. You do something stupid I shoot her. You understand."

My face turned to stone and I nodded. Then in one swift movement I grabbed cutler's gun, turned around, and shot nineteen out of the twenty guys by Jessica. All of them were head shots. I was about to shoot the last guy when the clicking of a gun being loaded sounded in my ear. My time was up and I turned around a hey-gotto-try smile on my face. He took the gun from me and hit me so hard in the stomach that I fell to my knees and started coughing and spitting on the ground. He grabbed my hair and pulled me onto my feet.

"Bad move Cody," cutler almost whispered.

He turned me around and hit the back of my knees to make me fall. I knew there were only three places this was going he was going to shoot me in the head, he was going to hit me in the back of the head to knock me out, or my least favorite he was going to shoot me in the leg.

"This is what's going to happen to you girlfriend if you do this again," cutler loaded his gun.

I knew where this was going but that still didn't prepare me for when the bull-it tore through my leg. I cried out and put my head in my hands on the ground. Cutler nodded and men dragged me away purposely going over rocks that jutted in my leg making me cry out more. We went up huge steps then went into a building that still haunted my nightmares.

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