Silence can be a person's loudest cry. You know you have hurt them badly when they start ignoring you


"Hey, honey. Alright?" my dad asked as I pushed my chair in. The chatter around me never stopped and I felt a certain comfort although I hate large crowds. The tension around our table is thick thanks to the previous event that happened only minutes ago.

"Fine." I nod curtly and smile tightly. Parker's eyes are watching my every move and his posture is stiff. Mack is silently twiddling her thumbs and her eyes hold a certain emptiness.

"Lennon that is a lovely necklace." Mrs. Campano compliments and I smile broadly at her. A genuine smile.


"But I really love the bracelet. Original very unorthodox." she nods with finality.

"My mom gave it to me when I was three. I wear it everywhere. Even in the water. Thankfully, it is water proof." I elaborate and the tension has thinned down slightly. Though I still feel his eyes watching me.

"Amazing." she whispers and grins before turning to her husband.

The courses were finished and it is now time for some dance thing before an announcement will be made. I grasp Mack's hands and pull her up.

"Excuse us. But we are going to dance." I smile at my dad when he chuckles.

I don't leave room for an answer before I am spinning off to the dance floor Mack in tow. I twirl her around once we reach some place where my father can see us and make sure we don't get kidnapped. She giggles and starts to try and dip me. I guide ether with me and fall backwards slightly myself. We hop around like maniacs but only a few people seem to notice our antics. Mack starts to laugh as I take a rose from a nearby vase and put it between my teeth. We roam around on the dance floor laughing as I pretend to be a man with the rose.

"This stuff tastes disgusting." I mutter quietly to Mack as I point to the stem I pull between my teeth. She giggles slightly then we leave to go back for the announcement.

"-well it is a plan." I hear my dad say as we come back to the table.

"What is?" I breathe out.

"Parker as telling me how you two have a project together and we were just deciding on days for you two to work on." he explains and I groan.

"Dad," I whine" I could've done that."

Truth be told I was going to write some things about myself then have him write about himself then take it and combine it into a story. All he would have to do is some biography.

"Oh well. You are going to work three days a week. Monday. Wednesday and Friday." he concludes.

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