Chapter 11: The Story continued.

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"Follow me." Amber said.

I felt my cheeks burn more.

I followed her in silence. But it was a good silence.

The birds sang, the sunlight, hit the leaves so they made a perfect green glow.

"This is so amazing." I said in amazement.

"I know. Allison and I used to come up here when we were little and talked. Or just to stare at the stars. We used to play house, up here. It's a perfect spot." She laughed.

"I understand why you picked it!" I laughed with her.

"Did you have tree house?" Amber asked.

"Actually no. My parents usually worked a lot to pay the bills and rent. My older brother, always had homework, he was in all honor classes. Me, I was either at my friends house or my grandparents house. But we had a good life. But no tree houses!" I chuckled.

"Well that must have been fun seeing your friends all day!"

"Really? Maybe for two weeks! Then you get home sick. And then they got a annoying." I laughed.

She laughed along.

Aww her laugh is the most adorable thing I have ever heard!

"Here it is." Amber pointed to a small house in a tree.

It was simply amazing.

She pulled a handle, and a ladder slowly came out.

"After you." Amber said.

"My pleasure."

I made my way up the ladder. It was nothing fancy.

Three bean bag chairs. Old posters on the wall. A bunk bed. It was amazing to me.

I walked to the window, out it you could see the beautiful forest. In the distance you could see a little lake.

"Ally and I used to go swimming up there." Amber said.

"What happened?" I asked.

Amber stared out the window.

"Around February, Allison and I would go to the ice cream shop that used to be around the corner. It's closed now. We usually went every Friday to talk or catch up."

"Liam used to work there."

I tryed to imagine Liam as a waitor, haha funny.

"He came to us and saw Allison. I gusse you could say it was love at first sight."

But Liam don't love easily, I thought.

"When they found out that they went to the same school, that's when everything blossomed. They did everything together." Amber smiled.

"Well when Liam was 16, and Ally 15, Liam went to join X factor for the second time. Ally was excited but also devasted. She wouldn't be able to see her love."

"Liam promised her that he would come back. They kept in touch for a couple months. But then Liam didn't answer her calls, texts. Nothing. She was heart broken. Very heart broken." Amber sighed.

"She didn't come out of her room for days. You could hear her cry at night. Crying went to screaming. You might say she was obsessive. But you have to understand, Allison is fragile. When Liam left she only cracked. But then broke into smaller peices." Amber whipped the tears.

"She is not obsessive. She cares, that's all it matters." I said.

Amber nodded.

"Our mum took her to therapy. She was just trying to help her, my mum was so scared."

"Why?" I asked.

She paused.

"She tryed to t-to comit sucide!" Amber cryed.

"Everything to Allison was grey. She thought nobody cared. But really, everyone cared. Allison was broken, nobody could fix her."

"My mum was up constantly, worrying. At the hospital they thought she was dead. No movement. Not a single breath. No heart beat. But the good Lord gave Ally a second chance. I thank God everyday that she is still here." Amber said.

"I'm so sorry." I whispered.

Poor Allison. I thought she was strong. But that's what she wants us to think.

I felt my tears run down my face.

I hugged Amber. She buried her face in my neck.

Why did Liam not keep in touch with Allison?

"Niall? Amber? Where are you?" We heard Louis yell.

"We better go, before they worry." Amber said, whipping her tears.

I nodded, whipping my own tears.

I helped her down the ladder.

We walked in silecene till we got to the backyard.

"There you guys are! Where the hell did you guys run off too?" Louis asked.

"Wait- did you? Oh. You guys had sex!" Louis laughed.

"No!" Amber laughed.

Louis could cheer anybody up.

"Niall did you and Amber get busy? Be honest." Louis said.

"No!" I laughed.

"How am I suppose to believe you if you keep laughing?" Louis asked, putting his hands on his hips.

"Honest!" I smiled.

"Fine, fine. Allison made some pizza. Would you like some?" Louis asked.

"Yes we would!"

I grabbed Amber's hand.

She looked down, then back at me.

And smiled.

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