Chapter 10: The Story

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"Finally you two are here! We've been waiting forever for you guys!" Niall laughed.

Louis and Allison walked in the door, smiling.

"Amber guess what?!" Ally screamed.


"Raven is coming here! Friday!" Ally did a little happy dance.

We all laughed at her.

"Really?" I said jumping up and down.

I haven't seen Raven in forever. In 2012 she applied for a college. She didn't want to ride to Wolverhampton to London. That's a long drive. So somewhere in November 2013 she moved to London.

"I can't wait!" I smiled.

"Louis came up with a great idea! We all can camp out in the living room and play truth or dare!" Allison said.

Louis winked at me.

"That's a wonderful idea Lou!"

"I try." He laughed.

"Ohhh truth or dare! The best memories are made from truth or dare!" Niall winked.

"Where's Ruby?" Allison asked.

"Upstairs with Harry." I replied.

"Of course." Louis rolled his eyes.

"Where's Zayn and Liam?" Ally asked.

"They went out for lunch." Niall said.

"We're going to Ruby's room. We will be back down in a couple minutes. That should give you enough time to have sex!" Louis winked.

We all laughed.

Louis and Ally ran upstairs giggling.

"I honestly think they are dating!" Niall chuckled.

"I think so too. It's good seeing her happy. Hopefully Liam won't get mad.. Did you hear about the fight they had?"

"No. They had a fight? Over what?" Niall asked.

"About the past." I said.

"What about it?" Niall questioned.

"He didn't tell you? That Liam and Ally used to date?" I said.

"No. He never mentioned it. You see, Amber, he don't bring up the past. It's a very sensitive thing for him. Tell me what happened."

I was shocked. Liam never brought up Allison to his closest friends. Or as he said his "brothers".

I sighed.

"Let's go to the tree house. I don't want Ally to hear us talking about it."

Niall nodded.

Niall opened the door for me.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Your welcome." Niall blushed.

I hate to admit it, but I've fallen for the Irish blonde.

He is completely attractive. He has the most beautiful smile.

I'm scared to tell him.

He said he was looking for his princess. Do I even qualify for his princess? Am I good enough?

"So Amber.." Niall trailed off.

"Yeah Niall?"

He stood there like he was trying to find the words to say.

"Where is the tree house?" Niall questioned.

"It's not in my back yard silly! It's in the woods. Follow me."

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